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NearMe quickly and easily reveals hidden offers, discounts and deals, most of which cannot be seen elsewhere. The coupon sites and various auction sites present only a negligible percentage of all existing deals. And, such sites charge huge sums of money for each sale, which makes the price the customer ultimately receives high, even though it appears to be a low price. In addition, only 10% of their prices are on the Internet, meaning about 90% of offers and promotions are hidden from view and no one knows about their existence. NearMe allows business owners to promote themselves by publishing offers and benefits at no cost, and it will always remain so. If, in the past, comparing and locating the services was exhausting, it is now a fun experience, where both sides (customers and businesses) reap the rewards


NearMe is an engine for comparing deals, discounts, and free offers that are usually hidden and unknown, from the immediate vicinity to the user, in hundreds of categories and thousands of sub-categories. In the technological fields, which are known to be expensive, and in the West, there is a shortage of workforce. NearMe presents results from all over the world so that the user can find the best service provider at surprising prices. Our vision is to allow everyone, from all over the world, to avoid unnecessary expenses and loss of time and give all business owners a stage to display their services proudly and without cost

Sub categories

Why our logo is butterfly?

The 4 Pins symbolize our effort to present the connectedness of the businesses in the user area. They are closely linked with one another and symbolize the closeness, physical and emotional, that is so important among suppliers and consumers

The butterfly is a symbol of freedom, our freedom to hire who we want to work with or from where we want to buy

The butterfly flying and looking at everything from above, and then, when necessary, draws nectar from the best flower. Users of nearme.life are just like these butterflies. They see all the services near them, do a comparison, and then choose the best supplier, service or place for them

NearMe - The First Social Comparison Shopping Engine