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Everyone’s great dream of turning their hobby into a profession has come to you as well.
You plan to open a pet-related business: it could be a doggie daycare, dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking or some other type of pet-service business.

The first thing before you buy the required equipment, order printing material or start a campaign, is choose a business name. If you feel a bit stuck in choosing a name, or if you are debating and do not know where to start and how to choose a name, this blog post will help you find the cool name that will bring you a lot of attention — and business.

In this blog, we have compiled ideas for you, as well as tips for choosing a name, and a number of tools to help you find the long-awaited name for your pet business.

Here are 110 ideas for your pet business:

Maw and Paw – Pet Store
Besty Beasties – Animal Shelter
Fur University – Pet Market
The Nightowl – Pets
Puppy Paws – Pet Care Center
House of Paws – Animal Care Center
Vanity Fur – Pet House
Pretty Paws – Animal Parlor
Furtastic – Grooming
Cosmopawliton – Animal Care
Paws for Effect – Pet Store
Fresh Paws – Pet Haven
Pawsitive Attitude – Pet Haven
Pampurred – Pet Care Center
Beast of the Best – Animal Care Center
The Nightowl – Pets
Beauties of the Beast – Pets
Doggy Do’s – Animal Parlor
Groomingdales – Animal Parlor
Shear Critters – Grooming Spa
Vanity Fur – Exotic Pets
Puppy Love – Animal Haven
Companions – Pet Care Center
The Pack – Pets
The Lily Pad – Exotic Pets
Fur Get Me Not – Pet Land
Furry Tales – Animal Shelter
Doggy Style – Pet Parlor
Pooch Parlor – Pet Care
Posh Paws – Pet Boutique
Beauties of the Beast – Animal Care Center
Fuzzy Wuzzy – Pet Shop
Pick of the Critter – Pet Haven
Pawsitively Purfect – Animal Care Center
Little Paws – Pet Shop
Puptown Girls – Pet Care Center
Fur the Herd – Pet Care Center
Paws and Relax – Animal Salon
Doggy Style – Animal Care
Mutley Makeover – Animal Salon
The Happy Wag – Animal Shelter
The Wet Nose – Animal Sanctuary
Raise the Woof – Animal Care Center
Blue Collar – Pets
Wild Wagging – Pet Care Center
The Nightowl – Pet House
Pick of the Litter – Animal Haven
Mutley Makeovers – Animal Boutique
Paws and Relax – Animal Health
Mucky Pups – Pet Health
Balls of Fluff – Pet House
Animal Kingdom – Pet Care Center
The Paw Pack – Pet Market
Pet Paradise – Animal Haven
Heavy Petting – Animal Care Center
Critters and Creatures – Animal Shelter
Scruffy Fluffies – Animal Sanctuary
K9 Couture – Animal Boutique
Yuppy Puppy – Pet Boutique
LaundroMutt – Animal Parlor
Hairballs – Pet Shop
Critters and Creatures – Pet Market
The Barkery – Pet Shop
Tails of the Beast – Pet Market
Urban Tails – Animal Shelter
Endless Pawsabilities – Animal Care Center
Paws for Effect – Pet Shop
Pristine Pups – Animal Parlor
Pampered Paws – Animal Parlor
K9 Couture – Pet Health
Dogmatic – Animal Care Center
Paws for Applause – Pet Haven
Of the Chain – Exotic Pets
Hop On By – Animal Shelter
Furry Fiesta – Pet Haven
Pawing Packs – Exotic Pets
The Flock – Pet Haven
Mucky Pups – Pet Care
Posh Pooches – Boutique
Clip-n-Dales – Pet Parlor
Urban Tails – Animal Sanctuary
Animal House – Pet Haven
Squirrel! – Pet Care Center
Scruffy Fluffies – Pet Haven
The Lily Pad – Pet Shop
Muttropolian – Exotic Pets
The Tails – Pet Land
Pristine Pups – Pet Care
Doggy Divine – Pet Care

Scrubadub Doggie – Animal Care
Barking Lot – Exotic Pets
Creature Comforts – Animal Haven
Citizen Canine – Animal Sanctuary
Grr and Purr – Animal Haven
Paws for Applause – Animal Shelter
Wagging Tails – Pet Market
Fur Fluff – Animal Sanctuary
Purfect Touch – Animal Salon
Bark ‘n Bubbles – Grooming
Furtastic – Pet Boutique
Who’s the Paws? – Pet Haven
Wiggle Waggles – Pet Store
Pet Paradise – Animal Haven
Muttropolian – Animal Sanctuary
The Barkery – Animal Haven
Beaks and Whiskers – Animal Sanctuary
Furry Tales – Pet Store
Groomingdales – Grooming
Shampoodles – Animal Parlor
Top to Tail – Pet Grooming
Animax – Board

Not enough? Find more names ideas with the amazing Animal Business Name Finder tool

What do you need to think about when choosing a name for your pet business?

There is a large amount of names available that nobody has yet used. But before you choose one of them, pay attention to the following points.

Specify the type of pet

If you’re going to do haircuts for cats, this message should be evident from the business name.
For example: Cuts4Cats
This is a name that conveys a message of focusing on the type of pet.
In addition, it uses rhyme, and it’s catchy and attractive, as discussed in the following points.
People appreciate focused businesses. The more one focuses on one type of pet, the more professional it looks.

Easy to pronounce name

A business name that is easy to pronounce is a very important factor. You need to call people and tell them about the business on various occasions, so you may want to choose a catchy name that is easy to pronounce and write.
If there is a rhyme or wordplay, that’s great!

Specify where the service is provided

Many people prefer to have the service at home, so if you provide a mobile service, reference that in your business name.

Think of a name that has a common denominator with potential customers

People always love and tend to hire a service from someone with whom they have some common denominator.
Therefore, it is very important to think about location, because almost everyone will prefer a neighborhood business.

Always think about the benefit to customers 

What do people want overall? They want their pet to enjoy their time and be in good hands, where they are reliable and safe.
Do not forget these points when choosing a name.

Check domain availability

If your pet business name is also available as a domain name, Hallelujah!
Then there will be a full match between all the parameters for promoting your business – website, business card, name, e-mail address, letterhead and more.

Let’s check out domain availability

A name that will fit with the slogan

It is very desirable that the name can be combined nicely with a slogan that will complete it.
For example:
Animax – pet boarding
Give your pet the maximum

A name that will fit with the logo

In many cases, the business name can fit in with a great logo design.
The shape of the letters can be an illustration of a dog or cat or anything else related to your business and the message you want to convey.

We hope we’ve helped you choose the name for your pet business. We’d love for you to share the name you chose in the comments below.If you have a question or need assistance, we will help you! Ask the question here in the comment section and we will reply as soon as possible.

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