The proliferation of car washes has made prices particularly competitive, as we’ll see below. They can start from $2, sometimes even less.These figures are a direct result of how this industry has largely developed in recent years and has reached very large proportions.In almost every neighborhood, you will find a car wash that also offers extras to make your car sparkle inside and out, all for low, affordable prices.

What types of car washes are available today and what are their prices?

1. Basic Automatic Car Wash

This is an outdoor rinse that is usually done automatically with the help of someone from the car wash team.
How is this done?
By Tunnel washes or In-bay automatics:

Usually, these kinds of services are performed by car wash machines where the vehicle enters the bay and then a 5-minute washing process begins, in which this automatic systems sprays water(usually recycled) and soap, then huge brushes rub the car.The best machines use brushes that do not scratch the paint.
The prices for these kinds of services vary from $2 – $10.

2.Full Service Car Wash

Many times, you will want to pamper your car and make it clean and beautiful. For that, there are extras like:
Interior Vacuuming
Window Cleaning
Dust Dashboard, Doors, & Console
Rust Inhibitor
Air Fragrance
Polish Wax & Sealer
Undercarriage Wash
Wheel Cleaning
Tires Cleaned & Dressed

The average price for packages that include the above services is usually around $20 – $35.
If you would like a specific service separately, it will cost you around $1 – $5, but purchasing packages is more cost-effective.
Usually, those who do not want to buy a package, but want to improve the exterior appearance of their car, pay an extra $1 – $3 to get their wheels cleaned.

Brown Bear Car Wash
Brown Bear Car Wash
Upgraded packages

Wheels Cleaned by Hand
Exterior Vinyl Protectant
Rainbow Polish
Costs $5 – $15 more (for a total of around $25 – $50).

3. Hand car wash facilities

Where the vehicle is washed by employees using their hands. Cleaning is more thorough, with no scratches, and no recycled water.
The basic package prices which include the above services
cost around $25 – $50.

4.Self-service facilities

You insert a coin and start cleaning.
The prices for these kinds of services vary from $1 – $10.

What factors affect the price of car wash services:

1. Type of machine
There are very sophisticated systems whose purchase and operating costs are very high, and this automatically affects the price of washing cars, because it is the ideal avenue to finance these costs.

2. Location
There are car wash centers located in musty basements and there are those located in the heart of a prestigious area. The higher the owner’s expenses, the higher the price the customer is billed.

3. Size and type of vehicle
Washing large commercial cars, buses and trucks costs more than washing a regular car. This is because the machine is spewing more soap and water.

How to save money when you want to wash your car

How can you clean the car without others cleaning out your wallet?

  1. The cheapest option is to take a water hose and a little soap and clean the car yourself, but with today’s car wash prices, no one will collapse if they take their vehicle to a car wash service.
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  1. If you want to wash your car frequently, it is highly recommended to buy the monthly packages that the car wash offers customers.
  1. You can save a lot of money if you use automatic car washing. When it comes to automotive polish, you can buy the lotions and spray the car yourself.
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