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Blue Hen Car Wash – Prices and Reviews Summary

Blue Hen Car Wash provides a super-fast and friendly service. Clean and shiny car wash every customer can experience at a great value, while demonstrating exceptional environmental responsibility and goodwill toward the community in which we live. The main attraction of this car wash service is that customers remain inside their cars throughout the entire process, and can inspect every bit of it by themselves .They  also provide unlimited vacuums with every car wash at absolutely no cost.

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Car wash services Near Newark, DE starting at $4



Protect   $15
Shine   $11
Clean – $7
Body Shield Full Body Protector – $3
Tire Shine Treatment – $3
Body Shield Full Body Protector and Tire Shine Treatment – $5
Underbody Wash With Rust Inhibitor – $ 3


 Monday      7AM–7PM
 Tuesday        7AM–7PM
Wednesday 7AM–7PM
Thursday       7AM–7PM
Friday            7AM–7PM
Saturday        7AM–7PM
Sunday          9AM–5PM

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Adress: 1008 Capitol Trail, Newark
Call now:  +1 302-273-2100

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Google 9
Yelp 7
Facebook 9.4
Foursquare 8.2


8.4 Total Score Staff

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