What Is the Average Price for a Car Wash?

The proliferation of car washes has made prices particularly competitive, as we’ll see below. They can start from $2, sometimes even less.These figures are a direct result of how this industry has largely developed in recent years and has reached very large proportions.In almost every neighborhood, you will find a car wash that also offers extras to make your car sparkle inside and out, all for low, affordable prices.

What types of car washes are available today and what are their prices?

1. Basic Automatic Car Wash

This is an outdoor rinse that is usually done automatically with the help of someone from the car wash team.
How is this done?
By Tunnel washes or In-bay automatics:

Usually, these kinds of services are performed by car wash machines where the vehicle enters the bay and then a 5-minute washing process begins, in which this automatic systems sprays water(usually recycled) and soap, then huge brushes rub the car.The best machines use brushes that do not scratch the paint.
The prices for these kinds of services vary from $2 – $10.

2.Full Service Car Wash

Many times, you will want to pamper your car and make it clean and beautiful. For that, there are extras like:
Interior Vacuuming
Window Cleaning
Dust Dashboard, Doors, & Console
Rust Inhibitor
Air Fragrance
Polish Wax & Sealer
Undercarriage Wash
Wheel Cleaning
Tires Cleaned & Dressed

The average price for packages that include the above services is usually around $20 – $35.
If you would like a specific service separately, it will cost you around $1 – $5, but purchasing packages is more cost-effective.
Usually, those who do not want to buy a package, but want to improve the exterior appearance of their car, pay an extra $1 – $3 to get their wheels cleaned.

Brown Bear Car Wash
Brown Bear Car Wash
Upgraded packages

Wheels Cleaned by Hand
Exterior Vinyl Protectant
Rainbow Polish
Costs $5 – $15 more (for a total of around $25 – $50).

3. Hand car wash facilities

Where the vehicle is washed by employees using their hands. Cleaning is more thorough, with no scratches, and no recycled water.
The basic package prices which include the above services
cost around $25 – $50.

4.Self-service facilities

You insert a coin and start cleaning.
The prices for these kinds of services vary from $1 – $10.

What factors affect the price of car wash services:

1. Type of machine
There are very sophisticated systems whose purchase and operating costs are very high, and this automatically affects the price of washing cars, because it is the ideal avenue to finance these costs.

2. Location
There are car wash centers located in musty basements and there are those located in the heart of a prestigious area. The higher the owner’s expenses, the higher the price the customer is billed.

3. Size and type of vehicle
Washing large commercial cars, buses and trucks costs more than washing a regular car. This is because the machine is spewing more soap and water.

How to save money when you want to wash your car

How can you clean the car without others cleaning out your wallet?

  1. The cheapest option is to take a water hose and a little soap and clean the car yourself, but with today’s car wash prices, no one will collapse if they take their vehicle to a car wash service.
  1. Find the best prices with NearMe.
  1. If you want to wash your car frequently, it is highly recommended to buy the monthly packages that the car wash offers customers.
  1. You can save a lot of money if you use automatic car washing. When it comes to automotive polish, you can buy the lotions and spray the car yourself.
  1. It is always worth checking out deals and discounts on the coupon sites.
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For a lot of car owners, simply vacuuming their car interiors or keeping it clear of trash is enough to keep it presentable.
However, if you want your car to be impeccable, you should consider having an expert auto detail job done on your vehicle.
Normally, car detailing involves washing and vacuuming dirt from your car interiors and cleaning and polishing dashboards and mirrors. For cars that have a certain offensive odor, car detailing is an ideal way to get rid of unwanted odors.

Auto detailing prices:

Type of Service Price Range
Custom Hand Wash $30-$50
Deluxe Wash/Wheel/Tires $45-65
Mini Detail $35-$40
Express Wax $55-$75
Polymer Wax With Clay $110-$150
Base Interior Vacuum/Wash $35-$50
Full Interior/Exterior Detail $275-$325
Scotchguard $160-$185
Engine Steam Clean $275-$300
Leather Clean/Treatment $95-$125
Ozonation/Odor Removal $55-$75
Ding/Dent Removal $75-$150

Car Wash Chains

The range of prices offered are dependent upon the size of your vehicle and where you get it serviced. For individuals who drive very large vehicles like SUVs, or trucks, their vehicle detailing will cost more and fall on the higher side of the above listed prices than regular small cars.

How much you get charged to have an auto detailing job done on your car is synonymous to the location of the car wash service. If you live in a busy town or city, you can visit one of the big car wash chains that gives discounts to returning customers. In big towns, even with the possibility of getting a discount, you are certain to pay upwards of $100 for services that incorporate rinsing, waxing, exterior and interior detailing, window cleaning, and wheel and tire washing.

Putting your car through this standard service is okay for regular cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles but having an expert detail job done on your vehicle at least once a year is important. If you visit one of the car wash chains, endeavor to inquire about a customized hand wash and detailing job as it is better than the regular machine job. Based on the size and packages you require for your vehicle, many car detailers will charge you around $200-$500 to get the job done.

Professional Detailers

Beyond exceptional interior detailing, professional auto detailers are the best in the business for repairing paint chips and car waxing and buffing. When searching for a detailer, check to make sure you only give your vehicle to a professional detailer or technician with extensive knowledge and expertise on car detailing with a trade school qualification.

Be prepared to pay upwards of $400-$800 for a full detail job that incorporates reconditioning and paint repairs. Remember that is better to hire the services of a professional car detailer to handle your luxury vehicles rather than to seek the services of a regular car wash business.

Body Shops

Car body and paint shops are also known to offer car detailing services. Many of them even have car detailing as part of their regular offers and charge customers around $200-$600 depending on the type of car and packages involved. In the event that you choose to have a car dealership handle your car detailing job, be prepared to part with around $200-$400 for a professional job.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

In this article, we will discuss the best techniques to save money so you can get the best services for as little expense as possible.

Search for Discount Materials

For those looking for DIY car detailing, searching for and buying heavily discounted car products will cut down on your spending a great deal. Though you’ll need some dedication when it comes to searching in stores and online for businesses that sell car products, with a little hard work you can get discount cleaning solutions, car wax, chrome polisher and lots of necessary materials and equipment that will speed up your DIY car detailing job. If this doesn’t work, approach your local auto shops or Google online to find where you can buy discounted car products and equipment. However, if your detailing can wait, you can take advantage of the seasonal discount or special offers that many car body supply stores offer. Search online or in local papers for when such discount offers will hold, and buy what you need once they are offered for discounted sale.

Use Your Materials Wisely

For those who understand the process of car detailing, using the equipment and materials you buy for car detailing judiciously will help you in using those same products for multiple car detailing projects. If you decide on DIY, be sure to go through the directions for use of car detailing products and materials prior to getting to work on your car to avoid damaging your vehicle. The instructions on these products will let you know whether or not to dilute certain products with water, or which application methods to avoid when using concentrated chemicals on your car. Following specific directions will ensure you do the perfect car detailing job and use materials such as chrome polish and car wax wisely to save you money.

Detail Regularly

It is important to detail your vehicle regularly because for individuals who hardly detail their cars, this process is bound to cost you more and require more resources when you finally decide to have your vehicle detail job done. Regular car detailing keeps the detailing expenses low. Your car appearance is also at its optimum after detailing.

Check Out Your Auto Detailer

To find the most competitive auto detailing prices, recommendations, and reviews within your locality, check Angie’s List. In addition, it is safer and wiser to check with the Better Business Bureau within your locality when searching for a consumer service to ensure the business has no issues labeled against them.
You may also be offered free pickup and drop off of your vehicle(s) as part of the package(s) when using a neighborhood car wash or auto shop for your detailing services.

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How to find the best prices for car painting

Car painting prices

The pigeon poops caused your car paint to wear off, someone drove too close to your car and scratched the paint, or the blazing sun has caused cracks and taken all the shine away. Now you are considering giving your car a new life with a new and inspiring color.
To do this, you have to part with several hundred dollars, sometimes even thousands.
In this article, you will know:

– What prices are currently being charged for car painting
– The factors are behind these prices
– Where to find the cheapest supplier for your car paint
– How to get your car painted in high quality for just a tenth of the price

What are the prices of car painting?

Prices for basic car painting range from $250 – $1000, usually for service that provides cheap raw materials and a few coats of paints.
Painting a car when the raw materials are more expensive and higher quality can cost around $15,000.
Of course it all depends on:


– Type of vehicle
– Vehicle age
car painting costs

What’s the difference between the best and a budget paint job?

Well, firstly there’s the paint. There are loads of varying qualities of car paint around; some are obviously costlier than the other.


Among the most popular paints available on the market, enamel paints form a hard shell over the car contours once the paint dries. This paint does have a few complications though; it takes some time and effort to set in. For you, it’s worth keeping a proper eye out whether the guys working on your car are using a two-stage system or a one-stage system for paint application.

Acrylic Lacquer

Acrylic Lacquer will be a cheap car painting option for you, unlike all the other ones. This paint is smoother than enamel lacquer. It layers onto the car contours easily. You’re more than likely to get your cheap paint job done using this paint.


Mixing the best features of the first two options, urethane paints are easy to apply. They dry faster than others but are a bit on the expensive side of things. Up-side? It shines bright and shines hard. You’ll get a proper coat on your car soon enough.


This is the best paint around. Easy application and the guarantee of it staying bright, sharp and long. The catch is it’s going to cost you a lot, more than urethane.
Other than paint, your paint job budget is going to shoot up if you go looking for patterns and customs.
But the biggest thing which differentiates a top-end paint job from a “cheap” one is what the painter does before and after the job.

Think of it this way. Other than the paint losing its luster, what’s that one other thing which compels you to think about giving your car a coat?Rust. That’s the blotches and the rust spots you want to hide right now. What you need other than the painting is some “sand-blasting.” This is a typical procedure to get rid of rust. Painting after sand-blasting makes sure that the paint stays on longer.

How do I find the cheapest car paint?
This is a very large engine for comparing the prices of local service providers.Usually, you will find here the most competitive prices that can not be seen anywhere else.

On this site, you can see prices for car coloring and try to find the cheapest offer.

On groupon it is usually hard to find a service for car painting, but sometimes there are surprises.

4.Forums and classified ads sites
Post an ad that you want to paint your car and want to organize a group, and if you can arrange a group and visit the supplier together, the price you receive will automatically drop

A topic for thought

If the price for painting the car is very high, consider a cheaper alternative such as car wrap.
In another related article, we compared the two methods.

>>> Car Wrap Cost vs Paint: Should I Wrap Or Paint My Car?
>>> Amazon car wrap a
>>> Amazon car painting accesories

Another alternative is to paint the vehicle by yourself You can buy the necessary equipment from Amazon..


The prices for painting cars are very varied and there is no uniformity between the suppliers.Always look at the above mentioned websites and methods to find a particular supplier to deliver a good paint job for a cheap price.

Do not be deterred by the cheap price. In many cases it is due to the willingness of suppliers to meet new customers or work according to a business model of “sell a lot with a small profit.”
If the budget is still too tight for you, consider the “do-it-yourself” approach.
We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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How Much To Tip In Life’s Everyday Situations

How much to tip – guide

Deciding how much to tip has never been easy. Plus, most people use credit cards and debit cards rather than cash these days. Given the near ubiquity of plastic gift cards, the decision of “how much” to tip also becomes a decision of “how” to tip as well. So we’ve saved you the anxiety. Here’s a brief guide of how much to tip in life’s everyday situations.

Restaurant service staff
Restaurant staff tip

Leaving a tip after a great meal is probably the only thing most people can agree on. The typical tip is 15-20%, depending on the overall level of the service. It’s best to add in a bit more if you had a large group order. This is also true if the waiter/waitress took any extraordinary steps to accommodate any unusual dietary or menu requests.

How much to tip the movers

As a rule of thumb, you can give each mover $10 to $20 for a local move. For larger moves, as well as for moves that require crossing state lines, you should think about tipping $20 to $50 per person. Also, you can add more if you live on the top floor of a building without an elevator. That’s a good reason to add in some extra cash as a bonus at the end of the job.

Hairdressers and barbers

For most trips to the barbershop or hair salon, you should give a 15-20% tip. Where things get complicated, of course, is if multiple people helped out on your salon experience. As a rule of thumb, you should give 20% of the entire value of the visit. Then, let the person at the front desk figure out how to allocate the tip.


Back in the day, it was a no-brainer to give a 10% tip to your taxi driver. But we live in an era of Uber and private limo services. The new de facto standard is a 15-20% tip per ride. Most ride services will list the rules of tipping within the vehicle. Keep in mind that some bus lines and other transportation services (like the courtesy buses at airports) expressly forbid giving a tip to the driver.

Massage therapists

For every trip to the local spa or salon for a massage, you should give a tip of 15-20%.

Car wash workers
How much to tip at the car wash?

This one is a bit tricky, since there are usual several people working on your car at one time. Always look for a tip box near the exit. Put your money directly in there if possible  – that will reduce the anxiety. As a rule of thumb, you should give $2 or $3 for a car. You can give anywhere from $3 to $5 for a large SUV or truck.

Pet sitters and pet walkers
Pet sitter and dog walker tip

In this case, it’s best to give a one-time annual gift rather than a succession of tips every few days or every few weeks. Makes sense, right? Here’s where you can start using your gift cards, rather than trying to figure out exactly how much to tip. Most gift cards come in denominations of $10, $15, $20 and $25. Those are all reasonable gifts to give around the holidays.

How much to tip handyman

If you live in a building with a handyman, you’ve probably used his (or her) services at least once during the year. The best time to show a little appreciation is around the holidays. This is when you can give a monetary gift of anywhere from $15 to $50. Here, too, you can just give a gift card.


If you’re still uncertain about how much to tip, just remember that you should never give more than you feel comfortable giving. In many cases, it’s the thought that counts. Most people who receive tips will admit that the range of tips can vary widely. Most are happy with just a gesture of appreciation. If you absolutely, positively can’t make up your mind – use The Rule of 15. You can either give a tip of 15% or a gift card worth $15, whichever one seems appropriate for the situation.

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Car Wrap Cost vs Paint: Should I Wrap or Paint My Car?


Car Wrap vs Car Paint – Let’s see who is the big winner

There are several different reasons why you might be thinking about giving your car an entirely new appearance. Maybe you run and operate a small business adding your business logo and branding to a vehicle can actually be a sound business decision. Or maybe you want to create a truly one-of-a-kind vehicle that nobody else on the road will have. If that’s the case, should you wrap or should you paint?
To answer that question, keep these 6 important points in mind:

#1:Car Wrap vs Car Paint –  Cost

As a rule of thumb, it’s more cost-effective to wrap a car rather than paint it. Moreover, you don’t need to do a full wrap – you can also do a partial wrap, such as just the roof or just the hood – in order to keep the costs down. You will pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 for a paint job whereas you will pay anywhere from $500 to $5,000 for a wrap job.
Winner: Car Wrap

#2: Car Wrap vs Car Paint – Longevity

Of course, most custom auto shops that specialize in wraps will tell you that a full body wrap will last “for the life of the vehicle.” But they are usually overstating matters. Unless you’re hand washing your car and using car wrap “after care” products, even the best wraps are only expected to last a few years. That makes sense, right? After all, the reason you’re wrapping is because you want to keep changing the appearance of your vehicle.
Winner: Car Paint

Car GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

#3: Car Wrap vs Car Paint – Customization

There’s simply no way you can achieve the same amount of customization with paint as you can with a wrap. For this reason, you can think of every wrap as a custom-made, one-of-a-kind creation designed to make your car stand out on the road. Plus, since you have a wider choice of materials, you also have a wider choice of colors and even textures.
Winner: Car Wrap

#4: Vehicle protection

Think of a car wrap as a very thin layer of vinyl that is applied to the top of an existing paint job. That layer protects the original paint from factors like the sun, rain, hail and the elements. You will protect your car and preserve its resale value later
Winner: Car Wrap

#5: Car Wrap vs Car Paint – Ease of application

In order to keep a wrap in place, some auto parts shops will remove parts of your car, such as doors, bumpers and mirrors. That’s one way that you can tell a high-quality wrap job from a low-quality wrap job: a top-notch wrap will completely cover your car and be “tucked inside” doors and other parts of your vehicle. Needless to say, this complicates matters somewhat and can add to the price.
Winner: Car Paint

#6: Reversibility

The whole point of a wrap is to create a custom look for a relatively short period of time. For example, think about racecars. Many of them are wrapped instead of painted because the names of sponsors are constantly changing. If a wrap has been done correctly, you can simply peel it off, and all of the original paint will remain intact. Afterward, you’ve got your original car back!

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— OMAHA  Acrylic Urethane Single Stage Car Auto Paint Complete Gallon Kit – Restoration Shop – Price: $129.96

The Bottom Line

Most car experts will tell you that there’s a time to wrap, and there’s a time to paint. If the paint of your car is in excellent condition – no chips, no scratches and no rust – it’s much easier and cost effective to wrap. But, as we’ve seen above, you need to keep other factors than cost in mind.

Have you recently painted or wrapped your car? Share your story below.

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