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What Is the Average Price for a Car Wash?

The proliferation of car washes has made prices particularly competitive, as we’ll see below. They can start from $2, sometimes even less.These figures are a direct result of how this industry has largely developed in recent years and has reached very large proportions.In almost every neighborhood, you will find a car wash that also offers extras to make your car sparkle inside and out, all for low, affordable prices.

What types of car washes are available today and what are their prices?

1. Basic Automatic Car Wash

This is an outdoor rinse that is usually done automatically with the help of someone from the car wash team.
How is this done?
By Tunnel washes or In-bay automatics:

Usually, these kinds of services are performed by car wash machines where the vehicle enters the bay and then a 5-minute washing process begins, in which this automatic systems sprays water(usually recycled) and soap, then huge brushes rub the car.The best machines use brushes that do not scratch the paint.
The prices for these kinds of services vary from $2 – $10.

2.Full Service Car Wash

Many times, you will want to pamper your car and make it clean and beautiful. For that, there are extras like:
Interior Vacuuming
Window Cleaning
Dust Dashboard, Doors, & Console
Rust Inhibitor
Air Fragrance
Polish Wax & Sealer
Undercarriage Wash
Wheel Cleaning
Tires Cleaned & Dressed

The average price for packages that include the above services is usually around $20 – $35.
If you would like a specific service separately, it will cost you around $1 – $5, but purchasing packages is more cost-effective.
Usually, those who do not want to buy a package, but want to improve the exterior appearance of their car, pay an extra $1 – $3 to get their wheels cleaned.

Brown Bear Car Wash
Brown Bear Car Wash
Upgraded packages

Wheels Cleaned by Hand
Exterior Vinyl Protectant
Rainbow Polish
Costs $5 – $15 more (for a total of around $25 – $50).

3. Hand car wash facilities

Where the vehicle is washed by employees using their hands. Cleaning is more thorough, with no scratches, and no recycled water.
The basic package prices which include the above services
cost around $25 – $50.

4.Self-service facilities

You insert a coin and start cleaning.
The prices for these kinds of services vary from $1 – $10.

What factors affect the price of car wash services:

1. Type of machine
There are very sophisticated systems whose purchase and operating costs are very high, and this automatically affects the price of washing cars, because it is the ideal avenue to finance these costs.

2. Location
There are car wash centers located in musty basements and there are those located in the heart of a prestigious area. The higher the owner’s expenses, the higher the price the customer is billed.

3. Size and type of vehicle
Washing large commercial cars, buses and trucks costs more than washing a regular car. This is because the machine is spewing more soap and water.

How to save money when you want to wash your car

How can you clean the car without others cleaning out your wallet?

  1. The cheapest option is to take a water hose and a little soap and clean the car yourself, but with today’s car wash prices, no one will collapse if they take their vehicle to a car wash service.
  1. Find the best prices with NearMe.
  1. If you want to wash your car frequently, it is highly recommended to buy the monthly packages that the car wash offers customers.
  1. You can save a lot of money if you use automatic car washing. When it comes to automotive polish, you can buy the lotions and spray the car yourself.
  1. It is always worth checking out deals and discounts on the coupon sites.
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Hair Salons

Factors that determine the Hair salon prices

Population – San Francisco

Hair salon services prices range from $5 to more than $1000. In a field where there is a large variety of hair types and styles and stylists, this is understandable.

Did you know?
The Sultan of Brunei paid $23,000 for a haircut!
Not only that, he asked the famous London stylist Ken Modestou to fly to Brunei (Southeast Asia) and all, just for a male haircut which, as you can see, is quite simple.
Of course, not everyone is able to afford it …

$23,000 Haircut

What are the average prices of hair salon services?

*Usually includes shampoo and cut
Adult Cut: $ 10 – $ 35
Kids Cut (11 & under): $ 10 – $ 25
Adult Cut & Blowdry: $ 15 – $ 40
Kids Cut & Blowdry: $ 15 – $ 25
Adult Cut & Style: $ 20 – $35
Kids Cut & Style: $ 15 – $30

Color & Highlight Services:
Color – $ 30 – $ 60

Area Highlights – $ 25 – $ 45
Partial Highlights – $ 40 – $ 70
Full Highlights – $ 50 – $ 80
Dimensional – Color & Full Highlights – $ 80 – $ 140
Cap Highlight – $ 40 – $ 70

Perm & Smoothing Services
Perm – $30 – $65
Specialty Perm Wrap – $75 – $150

Shampoo & Set – $10 – $25
Blowdry Style – $ 20 – $35
Up-Do’s – $ 35 – $250

For all these expenses, add a tip for anyone who has taken part in the haircut

>>How Much You Should Tip at the Hair Salon?
>>Behind The Manicure And Pedicure Prices

What factors affect prices?

As can be seen, the price gaps are quite expansive. The factors that contribute to the gaps are:

If the hair salon is located in the city center, it is likely to be more expensive than a neighborhood salon, due to operating expenses such as rent and municipal taxes.

Hairdressing design
 There are hairdressing salons that when you enter them, you feel like a king, because they are really set up like a palace, so they are priced accordingly.This design has cost the barbershop a lot of money, and someone has to finance it, and that someone is the customer.

Quantity of customers
Like everything in the economy, even hairdressers, everything is a matter of supply and demand, the more popular the barber and the larger the customer base, the higher the price.

A hair stylist, who is popular and famous, will raise his prices up, just so that everyone will appreciate him and his work more.

The quality of the materials
 A good hairdresser uses quality materials that are not dangerous. Higher quality means more expensive and therefore, the cost of the haircut is more expensive.

It’s very important to know that no one can guarantee that the more you pay, the better the haircut will be.
There are a lot of new hairdressers who want to meet new customers and are ready to give haircuts at a price lower than the average cost.
There are a lot of people who have opened salons in their homes. Hair salons in homes allow hairdressers  to provide high quality service for very cheap prices, because they don’t need to pay for all expenses like the hair salon businesses that rent space.

How to choose a hair salon?

When you choose a salon, the price is an important factor because you cannot always afford the expense and it is always better to have cheaper and better alternatives.

It is very important that the barbershop be accessible, whether you drive a vehicle or via other means of transportation. No one wants to get a parking ticket if the barbershop is in a crowded area where there is no room to park the car, or if you have to park for a fee.
Of course, you should also take the transportation costs (fuel or bus or train ticket) into the calculation of costs, and if you arrive in your private car then consider the parking expenses.

How to get the best hair salon service at the best price?

1. Purchase a series of hair treatments if possible.
2. Go with friends or family.
3.Find the cheapest barbershop or hair salon, discounts and special offers on has a database of thousands of barbershops and hair salons from all over the country which offer some of the lowest prices.
You will be impressed by reviews, photos and prices of amazing hair shops.

4. Look for coupons and deals – Coupon sites are full of amazing offers for low-priced haircuts at excellent hair salons.

Your haircut is usually simple?

There are those who like the short and minimal haircut. This cut is popular among both women and men. This is an especially common haircut among the older women.
If it’s something very simple, you can do a haircut yourself. Or if you don’t trust yourself with scissors, you can find a variety of haircut machines at prices starting as low as $15. Then you can cut your hair in whichever style you like.

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How much does an acupuncture treatment cost?


Acupuncture costs

When a person feels the need to cure pain or a specific medical problem, he/she sometimes does not attribute importance to the price of the treatments.
Let’s see how you can but an acupuncture session at a reasonable price, without anyone depleting your wallet.

What are the benefits of Acupuncture?
1. Treatment is not as invasive as conventional medicine.
2. No use of chemicals.
3. The results are usually faster.
4. Treatments are cheaper than conventional medical treatments.

What are the costs for Acupuncture?

An initial visit costs between $60 and $90 for a consultation and your first acupuncture session.
During the first session, the therapist will ask about your current medical condition and the purpose of the treatment. The therapist will also ask if you are currently on any medication and perform a pulse and tongue test.

The initial session usually lasts about 60 minutes and is longer than subsequent sessions.
The follow up sessions are priced between 40 to 75 USD.
They usually last between 30 to 45 minutes.

What are the Price factors?

– Location – Whether the location is central or within the neighborhood.
– Seniority – If the therapist is new then it is reasonable to assume that the prices will be lower in order to accumulate a portfolio of patients.
– Reputation – The more experienced and well-known an acupuncturist is, and the better the reputation and the higher the price.

How and where to find the best prices?

1. NearMe – This search engine has a huge pool of acupuncturists with very low prices.
2. Check for deals on coupon sites like Groupon.
3. Purchase multiple visits at once. This is usually recommended after visiting for at least one session. The common price difference is a discount of 10-30 percent off normal.
4. Check to see if there is an insurance company that covers the costs of acupuncture.
5. Ask the acupuncturist for a discount – yes, and many of them will give it to you, so why not try?

Extras that you have to take into account when considering costs:

Many acupuncturists recommend that patients combine the use of herbal Chinese medicine with acupuncture.
Some will say that these clinics are trying to earn a few more dollars off of you from the sale of these herbs, so if you want to try to buy these plants independently, the prices will probably be lower.

Tip – Some of the acupuncturists will tell you they’re interested in a tip, usually 10-20 percent of the cost.

If the acupuncturist is an employee, then it may be respectable to tell patients about this tip, but if it is an independent therapist, it would not be honorable to ask for a tip, even in a non-direct manner, which shows greed.

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How Much Does A Computer Repair Cost?

Computer Repair Cost

The computer has broken down and you have no idea what the repair might cost. This blog post will enlighten you on what to expect. Here, you will be able to see a quote for a variety of computer repairs such as: How much it will cost to have a computer technician visit you, the price for a laptop screen replacement, the price of formatting a computer, how much it will cost you to wipe your computer of viruses or to dust and clean the fans, and more.
You can also find price points for the vast range of services that a computer technician can provide: from diagnosing a desktop or laptop, to formatting and installing an operating system, to cleaning viruses, to increasing internal memory, to replacing and installing hardware.

What more?

You can also find prices of various components for your computer, such as a hard disk, power supply, sound card, network card, video card and more.
Generally, the pricing of the services vary from one  computer technician to another, due to the different types of technicians offering this service.

Types of computer technicians that affect costs

The first type of technicians are:
– Young technicians who make computer repairs as a side job.
– Students who do this work as a student job.
– Employee technicians who take on side work outside normal working hours.
Typically, these technicians charge around $20-$50 per hour of their time to work on your computer.

The second type of technicians, who charge a higher price are:
– Employees of computer stores that have labs, or businesses that specialize in repairs-only within their laboratory.
Typically, these establishments would charge around $50-$95 per hour.

What are the costs of different repairs?

Testing a desktop in a lab
$20 – $55 \ Free

Testing a laptop in a lab
$20 – $55 \ Free
*A lot of computer technicians do not charge a fee for diagnosis if you choose to have them repair your computer.

Slow computer fixing
The price includes: removal software, disk defragmentation, and registry cleanup.
Around $20 – $95 per hour.

Virus and malware removal
The price includes the cost of the visit.
Around $20 – $95 per hour.

Clean off dust from your computer
The price includes cleaning the fans.
Around $20 – $95 per hour.

Switch screen to laptop
Around $180 – $300 fixed price
The price per screen of standard size varies according to the computer model. The price includes work and parts.

Basic training time or advice for using the computer
– Price range is: Around $25 – $70 per hour.

Computer formatting
Formatting a computer and installing an operating system – not including backup.
The price includes the cost of the visit.
$60- $150
Extra fee for backup before formatting your computer
$20 – $35

Installing software and hardware on your computer
$10 – $40 (Extra charge)
* If you call the technician just for this, the price is billed hourly.
The price is for labor only, such as installing a hardware component like a video card, memory card, hard disk.

Install a printer and the corresponding driver
$30 – $95
Price for work only and per computer.

Set up a home network
$40 – $90
The price includes the cost of the visit.

Installing a Motherboard
$40 – $90
The price does not include the hardware.

Recover data from hard disk or from USB disk
$40 – $95

Highly recommended tips

The closer the technician is, the better
Distance is an important factor in pricing the repair costs, because the technician calculates the time taken to arrive at your destination as part of the overall cost.
Of course, the technician should be close to you so that if the problem is not properly fixed, you can ask him or her to re-examine the computer or take the computer to the laboratory.

Cheaper to take it in
It’s better to take your computers to a lab for repairs than having a technician come to your home.
In the lab, the technician has all the necessary equipment and conditions to repair your computer.
Another thing is that you only pay for the repair and not the travel expenses that the technician will charge you for coming to your place.

Bringing your computer in will save you money — and potentially time, if the problem needs to be looked at in greater detail.

Ask for a free diagnosis
Diagnostics should not cost you money if the technician also repairs your computer.

Buy the spare parts yourself
On Amazon, there is a huge selection of computer parts that are available at affordable prices, which will help you save the profit that the technician would otherwise try to earn from getting the parts for you.

Try repairing the computer yourself:
Most computer repairs are very simple to implement, and there are many tutorials and websites on the internet that teach you how to fix common computer problems.

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Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Yuck! Carpet cleaning. When you consider the number of possible things that have been dragged across and ground into the material of the average carpet, this is not a simple job for you or I. This is why your best bet is to pass the carpet cleaning job over to a professional to deal with.

Naturally, as soon as you do that you will have a cost attached to it. But you know what? If it costs a few extra bucks to have that stain removed that you haven’t been able to get rid of for weeks, it’ll be worth it. So let’s take a look at the many factors that have an impact on the cost of cleaning a carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Rates

There are two common rates used for general carpet cleaning. One is a Per Room Rate and the other is a Square Footage Rate. While the terms are self-explanatory, keep in mind there will be restrictions. For example, the Per Room Rate is a flat rate regardless of square footage but will have a maximum size factored into the math.

Should a room exceed that max, expect to be billed for an extra room. With the Square Footage Rate measurements will be required for an accurate price. This is a great alternative if you have a large home. For smaller homes expect to have travel costs and other incidentals tacked onto the price.

Looking at Square Footage Rates in the sense of Small, Medium and Large homes you could pay the following:

Small Homes (up to 400 sq ft of carpet) – approximately $100
Medium Homes (up to 1,500 sq ft of carpet) – approximately $300
Large Homes (up to 3,000 sq ft of carpet) – approximately $500

 Methods of Cleaning

Here’s where the numbers take a bit of a swing. Forget about the amount of elbow grease you can waste on the cleaning because a professional has the tools to make the job a whole lot easier. However, the way they get down to the deep, buried dirt, grime and hidden bacteria living inside your carpets will cost you.

There are two common methods used and they are Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning. Steam cleaning in a popular choice. You’ve probably seen or rented a steam cleaner from your local hardware store just for carpet cleaning. The cost is far less than that of a professional but so are the results.

A professional steam cleaner is light years beyond that wimpy rental that leaves water streaks and puddles behind. Dry Cleaning is a politically-correct way of saying you are using chemicals to make your carpets look pretty again. The main different between the two methods (aside from the chemical smell) is that steam cleaning will actually remove deep rooted dirt and debris.

Dry cleaning just covers the deep stuff with a blanket of chemicals but it will make the surface look really, really nice.

Steam Cleaning Costs

  • Small Home (up to 1,000 sq. ft. of carpet) – approximately $200
  • Medium Home (up to 1,400 sq. ft. of carpet) – approximately $400
  • Large Home (up to 2,000 sq. ft. of carpet) – approximately $500

Dry Cleaning Costs
Prices range between $120 and $140 depending on the type of chemical used.

 Type of Carpet

As easy as it may be to speculate that carpet manufacturers are on the inside track with commercial cleaners, this is not true. Some types of carpet are harder to clean than others simply because of the material used and style of carpet.

There are three basic types: Berber, Cut and Level Loop and Cotton/Wool Blend. Berber is the easiest to clean so it will be less costly than the others. Cotton/Wool Blend carpets are the hardest to clean and as a result, you’ll pay a little bit extra for having such an awesome, more expensive floor covering. Lucky you!

Carpet Type Cleaning Costs:

Berber – approximately $90
Cut and Level Loop – approximately $100
Cotton/Wool Blend – approximately $150


Now the fun part. Different kinds of stains require different amounts of work and this will have an impact on the carpet cleaning cost. The general rule of thumb regarding stains is this: the size and depth of the stain will determine the extra cost of cleaning.

But, you can get around this hurdle if you are at all able to do some of this work yourself. That is to say, try removing the bulk of the stain long before the commercial cleaner arrives. If you are successful using over-the-counter stain removal products give yourself a pat on the back as you will reduce your carpet cleaning fee.

You can easily find the products to remove pet stains, blood, coffee or whatever else has been spilled on your carpets. Or, you could just give your commercial cleaner some extra money to take care of the stains themselves.

Stain Removal Costs:
Depending on the size and depth of the stain – approximately $50 to $300

Ways To Save On Carpet Cleaning Costs

There are a number of ways you can reduce the cost of having your carpets cleaned professionally. Some are no-brainers, others will take some research. Here’s a look at all of them.

1 – Vacuuming
This is the simple DIY approach. If you keep your carpets clean on a regular basis, you may not need the help of a professional.

2 – Steam Cleaner Rental
We know that these units are far from perfect, but if you steam clean your own carpets as part of your regular vacuuming routine, you will have cleaner carpets. It also means you may not need a pro to do the work.

3 – Ask For A Discount
Some cleaning companies are pretty flexible. If you have a lot of rooms to clean you may be able to swing a deal of some kind. Or, if you can get a neighbor or two to also go in on a cleaning order with you, you could all get a cut. By making the trip to your street worthwhile to the carpet cleaner you may be rewarded.

To find the commercial carpet cleaner for your work, ask around for referrals, look online or just check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see if a service has a membership. At least searching these places will bring you in contact with a professional carpet cleaning service instead of someone just doing it for the heck of it.

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