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30 FREE Background Photos For LinkedIn To WOW Your Employer


A background image on LinkedIn is something worth paying attention to. Maybe that’s why it was important for this social network administrator to place it at the top!
While the profile contains important details like employment records, experience, and education,one picture is worth a thousand words.

At NearMe, we decided to design and bring you amazing and attractive LinkedIn background photos that will make potential employers contact you.All the photos are free to use, do not worry!
For your convenience and branding, we have not added credits for the image or any watermark.
All of the background photos below have been specifically designed so your profile photo and name text will not interfere with seeing it clearly.

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So, here are 30 photos with a wide range of topics such as: technology, medicine, entertainment, animals, nature, and more …
Let’s choose a nice background photo for your LinkedIn profile from the following selection:



Health and Medicine


Automotive industry








International Business or job


Writing, reading, proofreading


Data entry


Animal – related occupations


Real Estate


Professions related to children


Tourism, hiking and camping


Baking professions


General background image


General background image -Pink


Legal professions


Digital Marketing


Couple counseling


General background image


Professions related to the sea


Accounting and finance professions


General background image


General background image


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Top FREE ways to To increase your presence in social networks

Increase your facebook likes

Nowadays, it’s hard to get social signals and free Likes on social media platforms.You will have to beg every one of your loved ones or make them happy enough to Like your posts or pages and in the event that they actually like you then they might click on the share button too.

However, every single click is a major plus, as it boosts your product image and it aids in spreading your message in a genuinely effective manner all for free.In the event that you are an entrepreneur, having LIKES or shares is quite essential as it offers you the opportunity to meet new prospective clients.

Beware of “secret ways”to increase the amount of Likes

Lots of websites, particularly YouTube videos, provides you with “secret ways” to get free LIKES. Though there is a “small issue”, These Likes are not genuine and once they are not genuine they have no value and are practically useless.

So, I will reveal to you some great techniques on how to get lots of genuine Likes, tweets, shares, and followers as you can, which will be quite beneficial to promoting your brand image.

The most essential point is that it’s absolutely FREE and an awesome process. A few of the necessary tools request a small payment just for the module, although the LIKES and all other things you will gain from the plugin, are all free.

Now, let’s show you how it’s done:

1. Install the “Invite All Friends on Facebook” extension to your google Chrome browser

This extension will enable you to invite every one of your facebook friends with just one click to Like your Facebook pages. So, you can invite every one of them and spare yourself a great deal of stress and time.
To make use of this extension, open the Facebook invitation box and click on the extension icon located on your address bar.
– > Working with pages
– > Automatic scrolling
– > Working with events
– > Support around 5000 individuals

When you’ve installed the plugin, simply click on the extension icon and adhere to the guidelines in the video below:

Ensure you ask lots of family members and friends to follow and Like your pages and to also invite every one of their friends.
It’s free, it’s fast and it’s efficient!

2. Join ADDMEFAST to get Likes, shares, tweets and more social signals for free:
Free Likes and followers from addmefast

AddMeFast helps its users to gain more Facebook Followers, Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Post Shares.
Google+ Post Share, Google+ Circles.
YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Video Favorites, YouTube Video Likes, YouTube Views.
Twitter Tweets, Twitter Followers, Twitter Favorites, Twitter reTweets.
MySpace Friends.
VK Page Followers, VK Group Join. Likes.
Instagram Followers, Instagram Photo Likes.
Pinterest Followers, , Pinterest Likes, Pinterest rePins.
Reverbnation Fans.
StumbleUpon Followers.
SoundCloud Music Listening, SoundCloud Followers.
WebSite Hits to generate more traffic to your website.

This platform doesn’t sell followers/hits/subscribers/likes/views. Also, they will on no account ask for the usernames and passwords of your social media accounts and will never update statuses, tweet, or post, from your social media accounts.

The AddMeFast  has a lot of members from everywhere across the world who seek to make connections with people like you, regardless of the possibility that they are not from your part of the world, the most vital factor is that people make you a lake rather than a machine.

Registration is quite simple, you get 50 points at registration and then 300 bonus points on a daily basis once you are an active member. So, let’s begin your likes journey!

3. Create account on Youlikehits

YouLikeHits is a social media tool that enables its users to get more Digg Followers, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views and Website Hits.

This platform is almost the same as the ADDMEFAST website, an identical concept, however, with YouLikeHits there is no feature to gain Facebook Likes for instance, and they only offer a couple of social media sites as opposed to the ADDMEFAST platform.

Nonetheless, this website sees a great deal of visitors from every part around the globe.

4. Use Likes Planet
Like planet


Another social networking tool but different from the first two as you are not required to pay for using the platform, but rather you can Earn Points by Liking, Following, and so forth as well as Earn Points by Daily Bonus.

5. Like 2 Discount Coupons for Likes website plugin

Like2Discount is a WordPress – WooCommerce extension that generates discount coupons for everyone who likes your Facebook Page. It incorporates an email verification process for every coupon, meaning you will receive 1 Like + 1 client email.
This is a unique and authentic approach to getting likes, on the grounds that every one of your paying customers wants a discount and any individual who wants a rebate will willingly give a Like for it.

6. Like 2 Unlock plugin
like2unlock plugin

The Like 2 Unlock WordPress extension is a Like Button and content locker all-in-one, which enables you to lock a particular content on your website until when a visitor clicks on the Like Button and gives you more fans, likes, traffic and clients!

7. Facebook Like to Download jQuery plugin

Facebook Like to Download for jQuery enables users to transform the Like Button into a social networking traffic sharing download button. This particular extension and concept is a better approach to providing your clients with content while at the same time boosting your social media traffic ten times. More Likes = More Traffic = More Money

8. You will constantly update fascinating and useful content on your fan pages

In spite of the fact that the above listed tools will offer immeasurable assistance, however, nothing beats when you publish quality, unique and appealing content.

9. Create a contests
facebook contest to get likes

Contents are an amazing way to increase the hype and buzz about your service or product. It is one of our best recommendations to include a contest tab on your Facebook page.
Recommended extensions for you to install:
Easy Facebook Contest
Facebook Promotion with Discount Coupon and Gifts

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110 Catchy and Cools Name Ideas for Pet Businesses


Everyone’s great dream of turning their hobby into a profession has come to you as well.
You plan to open a pet-related business: it could be a doggie daycare, dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking or some other type of pet-service business.

The first thing before you buy the required equipment, order printing material or start a campaign, is choose a business name. If you feel a bit stuck in choosing a name, or if you are debating and do not know where to start and how to choose a name, this blog post will help you find the cool name that will bring you a lot of attention — and business.

In this blog, we have compiled ideas for you, as well as tips for choosing a name, and a number of tools to help you find the long-awaited name for your pet business.

Here are 110 ideas for your pet business:

Maw and Paw – Pet Store
Besty Beasties – Animal Shelter
Fur University – Pet Market
The Nightowl – Pets
Puppy Paws – Pet Care Center
House of Paws – Animal Care Center
Vanity Fur – Pet House
Pretty Paws – Animal Parlor
Furtastic – Grooming
Cosmopawliton – Animal Care
Paws for Effect – Pet Store
Fresh Paws – Pet Haven
Pawsitive Attitude – Pet Haven
Pampurred – Pet Care Center
Beast of the Best – Animal Care Center
The Nightowl – Pets
Beauties of the Beast – Pets
Doggy Do’s – Animal Parlor
Groomingdales – Animal Parlor
Shear Critters – Grooming Spa
Vanity Fur – Exotic Pets
Puppy Love – Animal Haven
Companions – Pet Care Center
The Pack – Pets
The Lily Pad – Exotic Pets
Fur Get Me Not – Pet Land
Furry Tales – Animal Shelter
Doggy Style – Pet Parlor
Pooch Parlor – Pet Care
Posh Paws – Pet Boutique
Beauties of the Beast – Animal Care Center
Fuzzy Wuzzy – Pet Shop
Pick of the Critter – Pet Haven
Pawsitively Purfect – Animal Care Center
Little Paws – Pet Shop
Puptown Girls – Pet Care Center
Fur the Herd – Pet Care Center
Paws and Relax – Animal Salon
Doggy Style – Animal Care
Mutley Makeover – Animal Salon
The Happy Wag – Animal Shelter
The Wet Nose – Animal Sanctuary
Raise the Woof – Animal Care Center
Blue Collar – Pets
Wild Wagging – Pet Care Center
The Nightowl – Pet House
Pick of the Litter – Animal Haven
Mutley Makeovers – Animal Boutique
Paws and Relax – Animal Health
Mucky Pups – Pet Health
Balls of Fluff – Pet House
Animal Kingdom – Pet Care Center
The Paw Pack – Pet Market
Pet Paradise – Animal Haven
Heavy Petting – Animal Care Center
Critters and Creatures – Animal Shelter
Scruffy Fluffies – Animal Sanctuary
K9 Couture – Animal Boutique
Yuppy Puppy – Pet Boutique
LaundroMutt – Animal Parlor
Hairballs – Pet Shop
Critters and Creatures – Pet Market
The Barkery – Pet Shop
Tails of the Beast – Pet Market
Urban Tails – Animal Shelter
Endless Pawsabilities – Animal Care Center
Paws for Effect – Pet Shop
Pristine Pups – Animal Parlor
Pampered Paws – Animal Parlor
K9 Couture – Pet Health
Dogmatic – Animal Care Center
Paws for Applause – Pet Haven
Of the Chain – Exotic Pets
Hop On By – Animal Shelter
Furry Fiesta – Pet Haven
Pawing Packs – Exotic Pets
The Flock – Pet Haven
Mucky Pups – Pet Care
Posh Pooches – Boutique
Clip-n-Dales – Pet Parlor
Urban Tails – Animal Sanctuary
Animal House – Pet Haven
Squirrel! – Pet Care Center
Scruffy Fluffies – Pet Haven
The Lily Pad – Pet Shop
Muttropolian – Exotic Pets
The Tails – Pet Land
Pristine Pups – Pet Care
Doggy Divine – Pet Care

Scrubadub Doggie – Animal Care
Barking Lot – Exotic Pets
Creature Comforts – Animal Haven
Citizen Canine – Animal Sanctuary
Grr and Purr – Animal Haven
Paws for Applause – Animal Shelter
Wagging Tails – Pet Market
Fur Fluff – Animal Sanctuary
Purfect Touch – Animal Salon
Bark ‘n Bubbles – Grooming
Furtastic – Pet Boutique
Who’s the Paws? – Pet Haven
Wiggle Waggles – Pet Store
Pet Paradise – Animal Haven
Muttropolian – Animal Sanctuary
The Barkery – Animal Haven
Beaks and Whiskers – Animal Sanctuary
Furry Tales – Pet Store
Groomingdales – Grooming
Shampoodles – Animal Parlor
Top to Tail – Pet Grooming
Animax – Board

Not enough? Find more names ideas with the amazing Animal Business Name Finder tool

What do you need to think about when choosing a name for your pet business?

There is a large amount of names available that nobody has yet used. But before you choose one of them, pay attention to the following points.

Specify the type of pet

If you’re going to do haircuts for cats, this message should be evident from the business name.
For example: Cuts4Cats
This is a name that conveys a message of focusing on the type of pet.
In addition, it uses rhyme, and it’s catchy and attractive, as discussed in the following points.
People appreciate focused businesses. The more one focuses on one type of pet, the more professional it looks.

Easy to pronounce name

A business name that is easy to pronounce is a very important factor. You need to call people and tell them about the business on various occasions, so you may want to choose a catchy name that is easy to pronounce and write.
If there is a rhyme or wordplay, that’s great!

Specify where the service is provided

Many people prefer to have the service at home, so if you provide a mobile service, reference that in your business name.

Think of a name that has a common denominator with potential customers

People always love and tend to hire a service from someone with whom they have some common denominator.
Therefore, it is very important to think about location, because almost everyone will prefer a neighborhood business.

Always think about the benefit to customers 

What do people want overall? They want their pet to enjoy their time and be in good hands, where they are reliable and safe.
Do not forget these points when choosing a name.

Check domain availability

If your pet business name is also available as a domain name, Hallelujah!
Then there will be a full match between all the parameters for promoting your business – website, business card, name, e-mail address, letterhead and more.

Let’s check out domain availability

A name that will fit with the slogan

It is very desirable that the name can be combined nicely with a slogan that will complete it.
For example:
Animax – pet boarding
Give your pet the maximum

A name that will fit with the logo

In many cases, the business name can fit in with a great logo design.
The shape of the letters can be an illustration of a dog or cat or anything else related to your business and the message you want to convey.

We hope we’ve helped you choose the name for your pet business. We’d love for you to share the name you chose in the comments below.If you have a question or need assistance, we will help you! Ask the question here in the comment section and we will reply as soon as possible.

If you liked the above information, we would be happy if you would be kind enough to click Share.

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How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Computer Repairing Business

computer-repair name


Say, you are a computer geek whose magical touch has the power to repair dead CPUs and return monitors to life. Over the years, your proficient capabilities have been gaining popularity, and a number of motherboards have rekindled their spark through your nimble fingers.

So, thoughts of giving this talent a professional actuality starts to sound tempting…but, wait! What should your computer repairing business name be? How will people identify your brand?

If this very first step clogs and jams every gray cell of your brain, then worry not! This article will provide you with an effective naming approach along with a few examples to ease this process.

Finding that sweet spot:-

Computer repairing naming is all about creating bait. This is what in many cases determines whether the potential customer will click on your business listing or call you.

And any such phone call is worth money and a potential host of other customers recommended by satisfied clients.

What must be accepted?

Here are a few dos and don’ts that can act as cheats in this naming quest.
Take a look at the following points. Adhere to each of them while you carve out the perfect name for your business.


Play with words:

Choose a computer repair name that camouflages your service as well as the tools in use.
For instance, “Monitoring Hardware” is a name that is apt for a person looking to provide hardware repairs and upgrade services.

Creativity is lucrative:

Often, unique and new computer repair names receive a better branding than existing words. “Compaq” is one such example you can think of immediately. Modifying existing words catch more attention, and who knows? It may become a brand someday!

Visualize your identity:

A good name for your computer repairing business must create a visual perception of the service your clients will receive. Let’s consider “Flipkart” for instance. The name resonates to “flipping pages in a book” which stands as a prime reason for its enormous success.


What should be left out?

Entrepreneurs often make a few mistakes when naming or renaming their computer repair business. These are big turn-offs and can end your career even before it starts.

Use an attractive name maybe rather than “your name”:

By doing so, marketing your service becomes a tad easier. Your happy customers may look to recommend your computer repair business name to other people. However, if you use a proper noun, customers may pronounce it wrong. Thus, new clienteles may find it difficult to reach your services.
For example:
Jonathan Hargreaves vs Com On

Expand your possibilities:

Is computer repairing permanent? With the decreasing cost of electronics, nobody can guarantee that today.
So, a name such as “Hard Disk Masters” will not get you the distance. Rather, go for something like “CPU Geeks.” Desktops and laptops will always require a CPU. Thus, it will suffice for decades.

Avoid copying or using puns:

For instance, instead of modifying “Blackberry” as “Blueberry” (a form of imitation), go for an authentic option that defines your computer repair business’s identity. A genuine nomenclature will help your business soar above the rest in no time.

Do not select a name before checking whether a domain name is available

One of the important things is to check if the desired domain name is available.Choosing a business name based on the availability of the domain name is a wonderful thing.

So, what should names look like?

Take a look at these business names; these are a few examples that can give you a head start in naming your computer repair business.

  •         Geekysoftwares – This name embraces software service as a whole.
  •         Stopatdesktop – An example of playing with words.
  •         Load & Reboot – A crisp title that clearly defines the service.
  •         The Last Byte – Another example of playing with words.
  •         ClickWithaJoystick – An attractive yet simple name.

Let’s check out some highly recommended websites and tools that may help you with innovative ideas of naming your business.

  1.     Dot-O-Mator Name Generator
  2.     BizNameWiz, or

These provide similar and useful guidelines on potential nomenclatures. The above tools, additionally, can assist you in generating preferable names for your computer repairing business.

So, lay significant stress on the dos and don’ts and make sure to embrace a generalized approach when choosing the perfect computer repairing business name.

I hope my article has been of help to you. If you have anything to add or opine about, you are welcome to do so in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy if you shared this article and spread the love.

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115 Ideas For Coming Up With A Delicious Catering Company Name


You’ve always been told that you cook well and that you are talented, so you finally decided to turn that talent into a source of income and open a catering company.
In your mind, you can already see everyone tasting your wonderful food and giving you compliments and cash.
But before all this, you have to choose a name for your catering company because – the name says it all!
If you are debating or feeling stuck, this blog post will give you all the information and tips on ways to choose the right name for your catering business.

Name ideas for a catering company

Here are 115 ideas of delicious names, most of which are available.
Look, Taste, if it tastes good, eat it, bon appetit!

How to choose name for catering company

Name ideas for a catering company

Here are 115 ideas of delicious names, most of which are available!
Look, Taste, if it tastes good, eat it, bon appetit!

Catering Universe
Catering Garden
Talent Catering
Catering Zoom
Catering Factor
Catering Park
Catering Lounge
Catering Beat
Catering Village
Catering Cap
Catering Love
Catering Genie
Catering Look
Catering Scape
Flip Catering
Catering Mix
Catering Path
Catering Band
Catering Area
Catering Rocket
Catering Core
Catering Blue

Catering Surf
Tri Catering

Catering Ring
Catering Play
Catering Trading
Land Catering
Catering Storm
Catering Friend
Energy Catering
Catering Camp
Catering Wiz
Catering Entertainment
Catering Sound
Catering File
Fan Catering
Catering Lite
Catering Metrics
Catering Touch
Catering Wave
Catering Productions
Catering Action
Catering Hut
Catering Sync
Meta Catering
Dev Catering
Catering Able
Stream Catering
Catering Society
Face Catering
Ever Catering
Catering Baby
Catering Bin
Catering ify
Catering Pack
Tiny Catering
Catering Bit
Catering Mine
Catering Speed

Catering Gold
Catering Pop
Catering Song
Catering Head
Catering Model
Catering Mania
Catering Dream
Catering Jet
Catering More
Astro Catering
Catering Maker
Living Catering
Catering Voice
Catering Images*
Catering Brain
Catering Sky
Catering Matrix
Little Catering
List Catering
Catering Value
Catering Builder
Catering Boy
Catering Trust
Lab Catering
Catering Promo
Catering Call
Catering Guard
Track Catering
Catering IO
Catering Run
Catering Story
Hit Catering
Body Catering
Mob Catering
Catering Bridge
Pixel Catering
Catering Win
Catering Men
Catering Bus
Catering Score
Geek Catering
Catering Trip
Page Catering
Catering Friends
Make Catering
Catering Wall
Store Catering
Catering Ventures
Catering Loop
Watch Catering
Catering Air
Catering Commerce
Catering Vault
Agent Catering
Tag Catering

All the above names can help you not only in choosing a name but also in search engine marketing.

It is highly recommended that the word “catering” be included in your domain name, so it will be easier for you to promote your site and rank high in the search engines for your related products and reach as many customers as possible.

As we mentioned earlier, most names are available! Want to choose one?Let’s pick.

catering business name

Let us help you

Catering business is not your run-of-the-mill business. It is different and unique from many other businesses because it is food.And when it comes to food, people are always more choosy and suspicious.

As far as the business owner is concerned, they must be very responsible, clean, orderly and with all the necessary certifications.
All of the parameters listed above should be mentioned directly or indirectly in your new business name.

Freshness and cleanliness
Cleanliness and freshness of food are the most important things when it comes to catering.Therefore, it should be included in your business name.

Responsibility and professionalism
Especially when it comes to catering for events like weddings, being professional is of the utmost importance.
In the name of your business, you should not be hinting at irresponsibility or professionalism.

Focus on your niche
Whether it is catering for breakfast, or providing meals for factories and kindergartens or perhaps catering for events only, you should have a go-to event.Your business name should consider these parameters.
The more you focus on a particular niche within the catering industry, the more professional and attractive you will be.

Focus on the type of food
Whether it’s American food, South American, Italian or Jewish, here, too, it is worthwhile to focus.


Food is something that people are sensitive about, and as such, it is necessary that business owners be careful in choosing their business name.Think of all the associations that can pop up when your name is mentioned.
It is recommended to choose a business name from the list of available domain names.

We hope we helped you!
If you have anything to say or ask, you are welcome to write it in the comments box below.

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Website traffic is one of the most common challenges facing business owners and entrepreneurs, This is understandable…

There are over 1 billion websites today, and all fighting for a potential visitor’s attention. This requires a high level of creativity and originality, to get your desired traffic. Despite their enormous potential, only a very few people have discovered the methods I teach here. With this article, you will be able to discover them here and now.

The important value you will read here:

This article is an attempt to give marketers and business owners several tips for action, in order to get traffic to their website or app for free. You’ll be surprised that free advertising, is much more effective than paid advertising.Why? Because it transmits reliability, seriousness, naturalness, and what’s more, it usually comes as a third-party recommendation, which further strengthens the site’s authority. So follow the recommendations below ,implement them and begin to produce results.

Before I start, you need to take note of the following points, which should be the foundation of every site:

Is your site niche interesting and gives a special value to visitors?
The site’s design clean?
Is it user-friendly?
Are there bugs?
Has someone who is not a friend or relative reviewed it?
Does your site loads fast?

If you think long-term, the most important thing is not only to get someone to visit your site, but to make him fall in love with your site and want to come back to it every time.
Have you passed this hurdle? Now it’s time to bump up your traffic:

1. Go to the libraries and drive traffic from there
Drive traffic from many computers
Visit the libraries, and change the computers home page there

Preferably when opening the library, go to any computer found there, change the home page on the browser, to your site home page. This step has great benefits not only due to the streaming of visitors but also because it is, first of all, a signal to search engines that the page is liked, appreciated and important for many. so that’s why it is assigned by the public, as the home page.

Moreover, in case you want to draw the attention of local search engines ranking to your site, it would bump up your ranking at the library area. The search engines detect the IP address of the computers and depending on the user’s location, so it presents the results.
Now Do the simple arithmetic: The library has 40 computers, for example, every day, 10 people get to use any of the computers and the library is open for 22 days a month, it means: 40X10X22 = 8800 visitors to your site, how much have you paid for it? Nothing!

2. Comment on YouTube
use youtube to Get website traffic
Youtube For Getting Website Traffic

Access YouTube and search for videos relevant to your industry (you may want to sort by a number of views). Leave nice and friendly comments there, give responses that would look completely natural with a link to your site URL.
For example: “Your video helped me a lot, good for you, I heard recommendations about http:/ what do you think? ”

It is important to understand that the great advantage is that YouTube links are live. On a single click, the visitor is delivered directly to your site.
Of course, do not forget to paste the full URL address, including the protocol HTTP/S, only then will the link be clickable.
Awesome, you have received a relevant link that will help you build links, and have also revealed your site and your business which would send you traffic directly from that link. The more links you have, the more the traffic.

To avoid getting blocked by YouTube, I would recommend that you do not spam with tons of comments in a short while. Instead, drip it. Comment using multiple Google accounts from several IP addresses using a number of accounts, will be better for this method.

3.Generate traffic from SOCIAL EXCHANGE platforms
Get traffic from social exchange sites
Get traffic from social exchange sites

By using These platforms, you can get many likes and shares to your URLS. In addition, they also offer WEBSITE HITS. The average site there gets 20-50 shares per day from different users, which is excellent. What you have to give in return for it is to Share or Like the other sites. The top three social exchnge sites are: Addmefast, Liikesplanet, and youlikehits; give it a try and you will not regret this moment.
>>Let’s checkout Addmefast now

4. Publish project on Freelance Websites with link to your site
 Get free traffic for free from freelance sites
Publish a project on freelance sites, everyone see!

Type “Freelance Websites” on Google. Click on major freelance sites, create and post a project. Of course, you don’t need to hire anyone, you can post simple project under the title: “Professional content writer for writing 50 articles” and put a link to your site in the Project Description box.
It is important for you to know that there are freelance sites with hundreds of thousands of freelancers’ accounts. Whenever projects are published there, the freelancers open each proposal and eagerly read what is written in it, and you can take advantage of this.

5. Offer your site “For Sale”
Get traffic flow from FLIPPA
Offer your site for sale (as if)

Go to; this is a trading arena for selling websites, and offer your site “for sale” Of course, I mean you obviously do not have to sell it, but add the listing and publish there. The visitors which are “potential buyers” will visit your site.
I hope I have been able to help you with something. In today’s virtual world, you must take unusual steps if you want to survive and succeed.
<3 I’d love to answer questions or read your comments

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How To Choose The Best Business Email Address Name

Beat email adress name

What’s in a name? A lot, if you’re in the process of choosing a business email address. In today’s crowded, competitive online marketplace, your business email address represents an important opportunity to stand out and make your brand more recognizable. Don’t make the same mistake most small business owners do: Rather than treating your business email address as an afterthought, make it a core part of your marketing strategy from day one.

Remember that both existing and potential customers will see your email address regularly, so it’s in effect your digital “signature.” Moreover, it’s often the first thing a prospective customer or client will use to identify you. Before clients actually read your emails and assess the content contained therein, they’ll be judging you by your email address. As such, you want it to convey the impression that you’re a reliable, professional, and knowledgeable service provider. You want it to set you apart from your competition.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to ensure that the email address you choose is striking, memorable, and polished to perfection. In the guide below, I will explain what you should—and shouldn’t—do when creating a business email address. Let’s get started:

Don’t Use Free E-mail Providers
Dont use Free email providers
Free email providers samples

While free email providers are fine for casual everyday use, they simply won’t suffice for business purposes. There are a few reasons why this is the case: One, using a free email provider gives customers the impression that you aren’t serious about your business. They will either think you’re a very new (read: amateur) business or that you’re not willing to invest in your business… And both of these things scream “unprofessional.” After all, if you won’t invest in your business, why should anyone else?

Free email providers also come with a range of limitations that make sending business emails more difficult. They often have name restrictions and force you to use extra numbers, letters, etc., to make your address unique. They also tend to limit the number of outgoing emails you can send, which can be very frustrating if you need to email a long list of customers.

To avoid these drawbacks and look as professional as possible, make sure to choose a paid email name that matches your domain address. Read on to discover which domain providers can give you a custom email address for as little as $1-4 per month… But first, a word of advice:

Never Use Your Birth Date Or Other Digits In Your Business Email Address
Using date of birth in email adress
Hyphen, digits, etc. – it is recommended not to use

Who would you rather deal with if you needed some plumbing work done? [email protected] or [email protected]_1984”? Obviously, the first name looks far more professional… Which is why you should never use digits in your business email address unless they’re part of your actual business name. While digits can be a useful way of making a personal, free email address unique and memorable, they have the opposite effect on business email addresses. Digits make your email address harder for your customers to remember and type, in addition to looking tacky.

Finally, it’s never a good idea to give out your birth year to prospective customers. Unfortunate though it is, people will judge you by your age if you do so.

Keep It Short
Short email adress
Short addresses are easy to remember and easy to type

The shorter a name is, the easier it is to remember and the easier it is to type out. This is an important consideration for business owners, especially in an era when more and more people are typing on touch screens. To help your customers avoid “typos” and spelling errors, keep your email address as short as possible.

Use Your Email Address To Establish A Personal Connection

When I send an email message to an “anonymous” looking address like [email protected], I feel as though I have no idea who I’ll be dealing with. Will it be one person, or many? Am I emailing an auto-responder, or an actual person? Does the recipient actually care about what I have to say?

These are not doubts you want your customers to have. Instead, you need to establish an immediate personal connection with them so that they know they’re being heard. You want to make them feel individually valued. To that end, you should include your first and last name as well as the generic name of the department, for example:
Lorry Rose – marketing manager
[email protected]

Never use a nickname or vague online handle—always include your first and last name. Remember, when you reveal your full name, you’re making a gesture of trust in your customer. This is the first step toward building a personal connection with him or her.

Now that you know how to choose a professional email address, let’s discuss where you can get a domain at a negligible price. There are a number of viable dominant suppliers in the market, so I’ve provided an overview of my personal favorites below:

Bluehost –  
Email Storage: 100 MB per account   Price:  $2.95/mo  Email Accounts: Up 5
 ►  Learn more
Gmail for business (Gsuite) –
Email Storage:
30GB per account   Price:  $5/mo  Email Accounts: Up 1
Learn more
Namecheap –
Private Email Storage: 3GB per account   Price: $9.88/yr     Email Accounts: Up 1
►   Learn more
Hostgator –
Email Storage: Unmetered  Price:  $3.95/mo  Email Accounts: Unlimited
Learn more
Email Storage: 100GB per account   Price:  $3.99/mo  Email Accounts: 100
Learn more

Have you selected a provider? Congratulations! You’re ready to get started sending business emails.

The Bottom Line:

Choosing a memorable, professional business email address and display name is an integral first step when it comes to building your online reputation. Don’t settle for less—follow the advice contained in this guide and set up a paid email account. The more professional you appear to your customers, the more willing they will be to do business with you.

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What’s Better: Hiring A Freelancer Directly, Or Hiring Through A Marketplace?

freelance hiring

Since the advent of the digital revolution, the way we live and work has changed significantly. Today, many businesses are eschewing conventional employees in favor of freelancers.
After all, these remote workers are perfectly capable of providing a number of essential services (such as software development, web and application development, website promotion, graphic design, content creation, and so on) from the comfort of their home offices.

All it takes is an Internet connection, the right skills, and a willingness to collaborate. Moreover, hiring freelancers significantly reduces a business’s overhead costs.

Choosing the right freelancer (or freelancers) to handle your project can, however, be a daunting endeavor.
True, the Internet is full of freelancer marketplaces (e.g., Upwork, Fiverr, and and individual freelancers selling their services directly (with payment being provided via PayPal)… But there are few checks and balances in place to guarantee that these individuals are reputable, reliable, and in possession of the right skills.

That’s why it’s important to understand the differences between hiring from a marketplace and hiring a freelancer directly.
Business owners must be aware of the risks, rewards, and caveats to consider with each method—factors I will explain in greater detail in this guide.
Outlined below are four key considerations to keep in mind when weighing up hiring through a marketplace and hiring directly:

Your Ability To Control And Supervise Your Project

Hiring through a marketplace:
  • Marketplaces put more power in the hands of the customer. When you hire a freelancer through a marketplace, the freelancer will automatically be given parameters and criteria to work within.
  • The price of the project, the delivery date, and other stipulations are all agreed upon at the outset of the project and cannot be modified at a later date without the customer’s consent.
  • Many marketplaces give the customer the option to cancel their order (and get a refund) if the freelancer fails to meet these criteria. Additionally, most marketplaces have “rating and review” systems that allow you and other business owners to rank a freelancer’s quality of service.
    These ratings provide an important indicator of how well a freelancer performs, enabling you to make informed choices when hiring. Furthermore, the threat of negative feedback motivates freelancers to satisfy each of their clients.
Direct employment:
  • Direct hiring means sacrificing a measure of control over your project.
    When you hire a freelancer directly, he or she can potentially try to change the cost or deadline specified for the project.
    While this doesn’t happen frequently (after all, most freelancers want to get paid!), it remains a legitimate concern.
    Additionally, if you have a bad experience with a freelancer you’ve hired directly, you will have no ability to leave a negative review.
    As such, direct hiring requires a high level of trust between both parties involved.

The winner is: Marketplace

Ⓞ═╦╗ Security:

Hiring through a marketplace:
  • You will have the benefit of a dedicated customer service department.
    If you have any questions or concerns about the hiring process, you can easily get in touch with customer service personnel when you hire via a marketplace.
    These personnel can both answer direct questions and help mediate between you and your chosen freelancer should issues arise while working on a project.
  • Obtaining a cash refund can be difficult after you deposit money in an escrow fund.
    While most freelancer marketplaces promise to give you a “full refund” if you cancel an order, in reality, many services make this process unfairly difficult.
  • They often do everything in their power to prevent you from withdrawing a cash refund and, in a best-case scenario, will agree to leave the money in escrow so that you can spend it on a future project.
    While this may be sufficient if you plan to keep working within that marketplace, it’s hardly satisfactory if you’d rather go somewhere else after a project falls through. Some sites (like also deduct additional “handling fees” when issuing refund money, resulting in a needless loss of funds.
  • You should therefore carefully review how each marketplace handles the refund process before you hire a freelancer. This is one area where you want to read the fine print, so to speak.
Direct employment:
  • Refunds are fairly straightforward when paying through PayPal. PayPal is known for having an excellent refund policy.
    If you have any problem with the quality of the work you receive from your chosen freelancer, you can request a refund within 6 months following your initial payment.
  • PayPal’s dispute system tends to favor the purchaser, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the full amount you paid returned to you. Additionally, if PayPal denies you a refund unfairly, you’ll probably be entitled to legal recourse.
    It’s even possible to sue PayPal for lost funds. (Whereas you cannot sue freelancer marketplaces in many countries.)

The winner is: Result of draw

☏ Communication

Hiring through a marketplace:
  • Many freelancer marketplaces put limits on direct communication. While most marketplaces have a chat and inbox feature, they will not allow you to email, Skype, or call your chosen freelancer.
    Indeed, this is often against their Terms of Service.
  • Some business owners find these limits inconvenient to work within when attempting to collaborate on complex projects.
    Furthermore, because intonation and body language are lost when communicating via text, it’s harder to establish a rapport with freelancers when working through a marketplace.This makes it difficult to establish strong, lasting relationships.
Direct employment:
  • You can communicate with your remote workers freely. When you hire a freelancer directly, you can talk to him or her any way you prefer.
  • You can call, Skype, and even make video presentations to help explain your project.
    This not only makes projects clearer, it also allows you to form a strong bond with your freelancer (much like the one you’d establish with an in-house employee). Personally, I find that these kind of loyal relationships lead to a higher quality of work.

The winner is: Direct employment

[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] Price:

Hiring through a marketplace:
  • Hiring through a marketplace creates additional costs. Marketplaces are businesses, not free services, so they invariably charge a commission fee. Usually, this fee ranges between 8-20 percent of the total transaction value.
  • Because freelancers can’t afford to absorb these high commission fees, they often pass some of the cost onto their customers… Meaning that you will usually pay a higher price for the services of a marketplace-based freelancer.
Direct employment:
  • Direct employment is inexpensive by comparison to marketplace sites. Most “e-Payment” services charge only a small commission fee. Even PayPal charges just 3-6 percent on each transaction.

The winner is: Direct employment

The Bottom Line:

As you can see from the information above, there are drawbacks and advantages to both marketplace sites and direct hiring.
As such, I recommend that you carefully review all of these factors before hiring a freelancer and pick the option that best reflects your budget and the type of project you’re undertaking.

In general, if your project is small or you’re experimenting with hiring a freelancer for the first time, marketplace sites are often the better choice. If, on the other hand, your project is complex and/or costly, direct hiring is often the best route.
Just make sure to protect yourself with a legally-binding and very specific written contract whenever you hire directly.

If you want to learn more about hiring remote workers, try consulting the additional articles I’ve written about choosing the perfect freelancer and how to ensure that the freelancer you choose does the best job possible.

Finally, if this article has helped you in any way, I humbly request that you let me know in the comments section below.
I also heartily encourage you to share this article so that it may help others like yourself.


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