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How much does an acupuncture treatment cost?


Acupuncture costs

When a person feels the need to cure pain or a specific medical problem, he/she sometimes does not attribute importance to the price of the treatments.
Let’s see how you can but an acupuncture session at a reasonable price, without anyone depleting your wallet.

What are the benefits of Acupuncture?
1. Treatment is not as invasive as conventional medicine.
2. No use of chemicals.
3. The results are usually faster.
4. Treatments are cheaper than conventional medical treatments.

What are the costs for Acupuncture?

An initial visit costs between $60 and $90 for a consultation and your first acupuncture session.
During the first session, the therapist will ask about your current medical condition and the purpose of the treatment. The therapist will also ask if you are currently on any medication and perform a pulse and tongue test.

The initial session usually lasts about 60 minutes and is longer than subsequent sessions.
The follow up sessions are priced between 40 to 75 USD.
They usually last between 30 to 45 minutes.

What are the Price factors?

– Location – Whether the location is central or within the neighborhood.
– Seniority – If the therapist is new then it is reasonable to assume that the prices will be lower in order to accumulate a portfolio of patients.
– Reputation – The more experienced and well-known an acupuncturist is, and the better the reputation and the higher the price.

How and where to find the best prices?

1. NearMe – This search engine has a huge pool of acupuncturists with very low prices.
2. Check for deals on coupon sites like Groupon.
3. Purchase multiple visits at once. This is usually recommended after visiting for at least one session. The common price difference is a discount of 10-30 percent off normal.
4. Check to see if there is an insurance company that covers the costs of acupuncture.
5. Ask the acupuncturist for a discount – yes, and many of them will give it to you, so why not try?

Extras that you have to take into account when considering costs:

Many acupuncturists recommend that patients combine the use of herbal Chinese medicine with acupuncture.
Some will say that these clinics are trying to earn a few more dollars off of you from the sale of these herbs, so if you want to try to buy these plants independently, the prices will probably be lower.

Tip – Some of the acupuncturists will tell you they’re interested in a tip, usually 10-20 percent of the cost.

If the acupuncturist is an employee, then it may be respectable to tell patients about this tip, but if it is an independent therapist, it would not be honorable to ask for a tip, even in a non-direct manner, which shows greed.

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Beauty and Spas

Behind Manicure and Pedicure prices


The nails are a part of the body that many women pay attention to and invest a lot of money in.Sometimes, the big investment is justified, but in some cases the prices are exaggerated.
In this article, we will review the average prices for manicures and pedicures as well as other nail care.
We will show you where to find the cheapest prices and even tell you the secret to getting manicures and pedicures without paying a dime!

Behind The Manicure And Pedicure Prices

Pedicure and manicure costs

At small nail shops or home nail salons:

Manicure prices are around $10 – $15 for basic treatment and $20 – $30 for upgraded care.
Pedicure prices are around $15 – $30 for basic treatment and $25 – $40 for upgraded care.
Acrylic nails are around $20 – $40 for basic and $25 – $45 for pink and white treatment.

At spas or salons:

Manicure prices are around $20 – $25 for basic treatment and $30 – $45 for upgraded care.
Pedicure prices are around $35 – $40 for basic treatment and $45 – $60 for upgraded care.
Acrylic nails are around $35 – $45 for basic and $45 – $50 for pink and white treatment.

At hotel or resort spas:

Manicure prices are around $25 – $45 for basic treatment and $45 – $70 for upgraded care.
Pedicure prices are around $45 – $50 for basic treatment and $75 – $120 for upgraded care.
Acrylic nails prices are $50 – $70 (basic) and $75 – $90 for pink and white treatment.

Additional items costs:

– French tips – when the nail experts paint white tips onto the nails – an extra $5 – $10 charge is added to any pedicure, manicure or acrylic job.
– Polish changes attract a $5 – $15 fee at the vast majority of salons.
– Paraffin wax treatments often come as a separate service sold around $8 – $15 each for hands and feet.
The addition of special designs on acrylic nails, like fake gems or numerous color streaks, can attract a 20% or more increase in cost.

A few salons charge around $2 – $7 extra for each nail.
– Creative Nail Design, one of the leading firms in exclusive styles and polishes, provides a wide variety of fashion nail designs.
– Gel refills for acrylic nails attract around $25 – $45 for a complete set. Repairs of broken acrylics cost around $5 – $10 for each nail.

How much to tip for manicure or pedicure ?

The customary tip for a manicure or pedicure treatment stands at 15% to 20% percent. Nonetheless, the amount to tip is based upon a couple of variables, like the nature of the nail treatment, the services rendered as well as the spa visited. Assessing every one of these factors assists you in deciding exactly the amount to tip your nail expert.

So, you have to take this into consideration when calculating the costs at the nail salon.

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How to get the cheapest prices for pedicure and manicure?

1. Discover all the secret offers at nail salons on NearMe.Life:

NearMe.Life is a very big search engine for finding the cheapest prices for almost every service you need near you.
On NearMe.Life platform, there is a large volume of information regarding health and beauty, among many others::Hair salonsNail salonsSpasEyelash Extensions, Beauty Salons and many more.

The nail salons category has lot of business listings and you can easily find the ideal nail salon for your needs, according to your budget.
This site has more coupons and offers than any other site that exists today.
You can find coupons and promotions for a nail salon starting from $1!

2.Find Pedicure and manicure Deals On Groupon

On Groupon, there are many nail salons that offer their service at low prices: however, it is worth checking out as not all SPECIAL OFFERS are really that SPECIAL and you can find much cheaper prices elsewhere

3. Yelp

Although this is a site mainly for reviews, there are occasionally also some coupons and benefits to check out

4.Purchase packages of multiple visits

If you frequently go for pedicures or manicures, you should purchase packages that offer multiple visits.Many nail salons offer prices that are about 30% lower than the regular price.

Want a LIFETIME Pedicure and Manicure for $9?

Think for a moment: when you go for a pedicure or a manicure, you pay the clerk who answers the phone, for the rent and the property tax, and many other components that do not have any connection with the quality of service that you receive.
In addition, you invest time going to the salon.
The best solution for those who want to avoid unnecessary expenses is to purchase a pedicure and manicure kit from Amazon.
You can find amazing do-it-yourself kits for just $8.90

Hot Deals from Amazon

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Manicure Pedicure Set Nail Clippers – 10 Piece Stainless Steel Hygiene Kit – Toenail Clippers Includes Cuticle Remover with Portable Travel Case Beauty Care Tools – Beauty Bon – $8.99

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How Much To Tip In Life’s Everyday Situations

How much to tip – guide

Deciding how much to tip has never been easy. Plus, most people use credit cards and debit cards rather than cash these days. Given the near ubiquity of plastic gift cards, the decision of “how much” to tip also becomes a decision of “how” to tip as well. So we’ve saved you the anxiety. Here’s a brief guide of how much to tip in life’s everyday situations.

Restaurant service staff
Restaurant staff tip

Leaving a tip after a great meal is probably the only thing most people can agree on. The typical tip is 15-20%, depending on the overall level of the service. It’s best to add in a bit more if you had a large group order. This is also true if the waiter/waitress took any extraordinary steps to accommodate any unusual dietary or menu requests.

How much to tip the movers

As a rule of thumb, you can give each mover $10 to $20 for a local move. For larger moves, as well as for moves that require crossing state lines, you should think about tipping $20 to $50 per person. Also, you can add more if you live on the top floor of a building without an elevator. That’s a good reason to add in some extra cash as a bonus at the end of the job.

Hairdressers and barbers

For most trips to the barbershop or hair salon, you should give a 15-20% tip. Where things get complicated, of course, is if multiple people helped out on your salon experience. As a rule of thumb, you should give 20% of the entire value of the visit. Then, let the person at the front desk figure out how to allocate the tip.


Back in the day, it was a no-brainer to give a 10% tip to your taxi driver. But we live in an era of Uber and private limo services. The new de facto standard is a 15-20% tip per ride. Most ride services will list the rules of tipping within the vehicle. Keep in mind that some bus lines and other transportation services (like the courtesy buses at airports) expressly forbid giving a tip to the driver.

Massage therapists

For every trip to the local spa or salon for a massage, you should give a tip of 15-20%.

Car wash workers
How much to tip at the car wash?

This one is a bit tricky, since there are usual several people working on your car at one time. Always look for a tip box near the exit. Put your money directly in there if possible  – that will reduce the anxiety. As a rule of thumb, you should give $2 or $3 for a car. You can give anywhere from $3 to $5 for a large SUV or truck.

Pet sitters and pet walkers
Pet sitter and dog walker tip

In this case, it’s best to give a one-time annual gift rather than a succession of tips every few days or every few weeks. Makes sense, right? Here’s where you can start using your gift cards, rather than trying to figure out exactly how much to tip. Most gift cards come in denominations of $10, $15, $20 and $25. Those are all reasonable gifts to give around the holidays.

How much to tip handyman

If you live in a building with a handyman, you’ve probably used his (or her) services at least once during the year. The best time to show a little appreciation is around the holidays. This is when you can give a monetary gift of anywhere from $15 to $50. Here, too, you can just give a gift card.


If you’re still uncertain about how much to tip, just remember that you should never give more than you feel comfortable giving. In many cases, it’s the thought that counts. Most people who receive tips will admit that the range of tips can vary widely. Most are happy with just a gesture of appreciation. If you absolutely, positively can’t make up your mind – use The Rule of 15. You can either give a tip of 15% or a gift card worth $15, whichever one seems appropriate for the situation.

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