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Factors that determine the Hair salon prices

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Hair salon services prices range from $5 to more than $1000. In a field where there is a large variety of hair types and styles and stylists, this is understandable.

Did you know?
The Sultan of Brunei paid $23,000 for a haircut!
Not only that, he asked the famous London stylist Ken Modestou to fly to Brunei (Southeast Asia) and all, just for a male haircut which, as you can see, is quite simple.
Of course, not everyone is able to afford it …

$23,000 Haircut

What are the average prices of hair salon services?

*Usually includes shampoo and cut
Adult Cut: $ 10 – $ 35
Kids Cut (11 & under): $ 10 – $ 25
Adult Cut & Blowdry: $ 15 – $ 40
Kids Cut & Blowdry: $ 15 – $ 25
Adult Cut & Style: $ 20 – $35
Kids Cut & Style: $ 15 – $30

Color & Highlight Services:
Color – $ 30 – $ 60

Area Highlights – $ 25 – $ 45
Partial Highlights – $ 40 – $ 70
Full Highlights – $ 50 – $ 80
Dimensional – Color & Full Highlights – $ 80 – $ 140
Cap Highlight – $ 40 – $ 70

Perm & Smoothing Services
Perm – $30 – $65
Specialty Perm Wrap – $75 – $150

Shampoo & Set – $10 – $25
Blowdry Style – $ 20 – $35
Up-Do’s – $ 35 – $250

For all these expenses, add a tip for anyone who has taken part in the haircut

>>How Much You Should Tip at the Hair Salon?
>>Behind The Manicure And Pedicure Prices

What factors affect prices?

As can be seen, the price gaps are quite expansive. The factors that contribute to the gaps are:

If the hair salon is located in the city center, it is likely to be more expensive than a neighborhood salon, due to operating expenses such as rent and municipal taxes.

Hairdressing design
 There are hairdressing salons that when you enter them, you feel like a king, because they are really set up like a palace, so they are priced accordingly.This design has cost the barbershop a lot of money, and someone has to finance it, and that someone is the customer.

Quantity of customers
Like everything in the economy, even hairdressers, everything is a matter of supply and demand, the more popular the barber and the larger the customer base, the higher the price.

A hair stylist, who is popular and famous, will raise his prices up, just so that everyone will appreciate him and his work more.

The quality of the materials
 A good hairdresser uses quality materials that are not dangerous. Higher quality means more expensive and therefore, the cost of the haircut is more expensive.

It’s very important to know that no one can guarantee that the more you pay, the better the haircut will be.
There are a lot of new hairdressers who want to meet new customers and are ready to give haircuts at a price lower than the average cost.
There are a lot of people who have opened salons in their homes. Hair salons in homes allow hairdressers  to provide high quality service for very cheap prices, because they don’t need to pay for all expenses like the hair salon businesses that rent space.

How to choose a hair salon?

When you choose a salon, the price is an important factor because you cannot always afford the expense and it is always better to have cheaper and better alternatives.

It is very important that the barbershop be accessible, whether you drive a vehicle or via other means of transportation. No one wants to get a parking ticket if the barbershop is in a crowded area where there is no room to park the car, or if you have to park for a fee.
Of course, you should also take the transportation costs (fuel or bus or train ticket) into the calculation of costs, and if you arrive in your private car then consider the parking expenses.

How to get the best hair salon service at the best price?

1. Purchase a series of hair treatments if possible.
2. Go with friends or family.
3.Find the cheapest barbershop or hair salon, discounts and special offers on has a database of thousands of barbershops and hair salons from all over the country which offer some of the lowest prices.
You will be impressed by reviews, photos and prices of amazing hair shops.

4. Look for coupons and deals – Coupon sites are full of amazing offers for low-priced haircuts at excellent hair salons.

Your haircut is usually simple?

There are those who like the short and minimal haircut. This cut is popular among both women and men. This is an especially common haircut among the older women.
If it’s something very simple, you can do a haircut yourself. Or if you don’t trust yourself with scissors, you can find a variety of haircut machines at prices starting as low as $15. Then you can cut your hair in whichever style you like.

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The Ultimate Body Piercing Price Guide


You’ve decided to get a body piercing. It’s fun and special to get a body piercing, but it’s important to not pierce your pocket in the process.This article is a comprehensive guide that reviews prices on piercing your nose, mouth, back, nipples, navel and more.
You’ll also get an overview of all the costs associated with each service and tips for finding the best priced piercing artists around you.

Important things to know, before you visit the piercing shop

Piercing involves several stages:
1. The piercing artist will disinfect the area.
2. The artist will pierce the body part.
3. The artist will put in the jewel.

– Make sure that the piercing artist has all the required licenses from the government of your country.
– Sometimes, piercing is accompanied by infections and bleeding. If you are not sure you should take this step medically, consult a doctor.
Check if you have insurance coverage in case of infection or related issues that could result from piercing.

What factors into the price:

– The location of the piercing shop
– The part of your body to be pierced
– Seniority and reputation of the artist
– The type of jewelry you will receive

>>COOL tip – Ask the piercer how much the jewel they are inserting is worth, then ask for a reduction in this price and use the jewel that you purchased independently.

Now that you know about the general details, let’s see the average piercing prices.

Eyebrow Piercing Cost

Additional costs you have to take into consideration:
 Gratuity for the piercer – 5% – 10%
– After-care products – H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray or PIERCING CARE! Healing Sea Salts & Botanical AFTERCARE – $8 – $25.
– Eyebrow piercing jewelry Silver jewelery or special stainless steel for $1 – $50.

Ear Piercing Costs

Ear Piercing TypeAverage Prices
Double Ear Lobe$10 - $60
Auricle $15 - $25
Helix & Forward Helix / Cartilage $20- $45
Orbital $25 - $45
Helix Orbital $50 - $70
Rook$30 - $45
Snug $35 - $55
Tragus $35 -$65
Anti Tragus$35 - $70
Daith$30- $55
Industrial$40 - $70
Conch $45 - $75
Triple Ear Lobe$15- $60

Additional costs you have to take into consideration:
Gratuity for the piercer – 5%-10%
After-care products – H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray or Healing Sea Salts – $8 – $25.
Ear Piercing jewelry Silver jewelery or special stainless steel for $1-$50.


Nose Piercing Costs

Nose Piercing TypeNose Piercing Prices
Nostril piercing$20 - $60
High Nostril Piercing$45- $75
Septum Piercing$40 - $50
Bull nose Piercing$40 - $50
Bridge Piercing$35 - $85
Surface Piercing$50 - $85
Septril Piercing$35 - $55
Nasallang Piercing$40 - $90
Vertical Nose Tip$50 - $100
Double Nostril Piercing$55 - $85
Triple Nostril Piercing$60 - $100
Rhino Piercing$50 - $100

Additional costs you have to take into consideration:
Gratuity for the piercer – 5%-10%
After-care products – H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray or Healing Sea Salts  – $8 – $25.
Nose Piercing jewelry – Silver jewelery or special stainless steel for $1-$50.

Nose piercing types

Tongue and other Oral Piercing Costs

Piercing TypePiercing Prices
Lip $25.00 - $70.00
Tongue $30.00 - $90.00
Tongue Webbing $30.00- $90.00
Medusa $30.00 - $90.00
Monroe $30.00 - $90.00

Additional costs you have to take into consideration:
Gratuity for the piercer – 5%-10%
After-care products Mouthwash without alcohol – $2- $12
In the first hours, the perforated area will hurt slightly, so to calm the area, it is recommended to consume or apply ice cream
or smoothies to the area 
$1 -$6.
Oral Piercing jewelrySilver jewelery or special stainless steel for  $1-$50

Oral Piercing Prices

Belly Button Piercing Costs

Belly button piercings typically cost around $20-$65
Additional costs you have to take into consideration:
Gratuity for the piercer – 5%-10%
After-care products – H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray or Healing Sea Salts  – $8 – $25.
Belly button Piercing jewelry – Silver jewelery or special stainless steel for $1-$50.

Nipple piercing costs

Normally, the standard costs for a nipple piercing procedure ranges anywhere from $25-$55, while body jewelry costs around $10-$50, so you should anticipate parting with around $40-$100 for one nipple piercing to cover the fee for the piercing as well as the body jewelry.

How to get the best price for piercing?

  1. Buy Multiple piercings – If you are looking to get multiple piercings, mention this to the artist at first.
  2. If you can organize a group, your price will almost certainly be lower.
  3. Visit NearMe – Find the cheapest piercing shop, discounts and special offers on has a database of thousands of piercing shops from all over the country which offer some of the lowest prices.
    You will be impressed by reviews, photos and prices.
  4. Feel free to drive a little
    Because piercing is a job that requires a great deal of knowledge, experience and skill from the artist, do not hesitate to travel a bit outside of your locality if there is a shop that offers professional service at a reasonable price.
  5. Buy the jewelry yourself
    A lot of piercing shops offer you the jewelry at exorbitant prices. If you buy the jewelry yourself, you will be sure that you are buying a product that you like because this is not always what the piercing stores offer to the customer. In addition, the price will be lower if you buy the jewelry yourself.

Find now the piercing shop that offers the best price

Where can I buy piercing jewelry at the lowest prices?

Amazon – Very large selection starting from just $1.
2017 Hot Selling 1PC Crystal Owl Dangle Belly Button Bar Navel Ring Body Piercing Jewelry (Gold $3

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The Ultimate FREE Online Design Tools with Tips and Secrets

Free online design tools

If you are reading this guide, it is a sign that you understand the beautiful design of the content you showcase to your audience is a very important factor in creating your image and conveying your message.

The design and visual appeal of the message you are trying to promote has a key role to play in determining whether or not your idea will succeed.
This can be your website, an advertisement on one of the ad sites, any banner, business card, logo, your profile picture on the social networks, or even an invitation to an event.
However, design costs a lot of money. A professional graphic designer currently charges around $50 to $140 per hour. Yes, you may understand the importance of design on the road to your success, but you might find it difficult to meet the budget.

This guide will review the top free online design tools in the world today.

You’ll probably ask: If it’s free, who will pay for the maintenance, hosting, and development of these sophisticated platforms?
By “free”,  I mean the basic use is free, but if you want to upgrade something, you will have to pay for it.

Nonetheless, we have tips and secrets to share with you on how you can enjoy the upgraded service of some of these platforms, without paying a dime! Absolutely free! They pay for everything and you enjoy the benefits. Nice, right?

Before we start reviewing, here are a few points:

– All the tools below are online, no need to install them on your computer;
– There is no need for technical knowledge or any knowledge of design;
– All the tools are fairly simple — so simple that even a third grader could handle them;
– You can quickly design using these tools;
– It’s fun and you’ll find out how talented you are, even if you initially thought you were not so good.

So, let’s begin the journey to your wonderful and successful design, enjoy!

canva editor

Canva is a free online platform that helps you design almost everything, like:
Picture collages
Social media photos
Photo blogs
And more …
This site has a database of millions of images, icons, and charts, some of which are free.
Canva is known for its simple user interface and the ability to create simple but beautiful designs at maximum speed.
The income of the site is based on users who purchase images or icons for one dollar per unit (11 pictures can be purchased for $10).


If you need to buy an image or an icon or some illustration from its collection, try searching on Google first; then upload the image to the Canva editor.
– If you want to find an image on Google to upload to the canva editor, and it is important that the image has no background, just go to Google and type in the object name + the phrase “no background” and then you will see in the search results the desired object without any background.


Anyone who builds a website with WIX knows that this website builder offers thousands of free-to-use images, which are sold for tens of dollars per unit elsewhere.
In addition, WIX has a very large database of icons, infographics, and a selection of amazing fonts for your amazing designs.
Secret –
Now, the question is, how do you manage to download the designs you have created on this platform?

It’s very simple, right after you’ve finished designing your picture, you go to the Windows icon and click on it, then just cut the picture and save it on your computer.


BeFunky is an online platform great for creating collages for photo editing and design.
You can design images and graphics at a very high level, however, the free options are limited and this website has a lot of lures.
Try to maneuver between the tools we present here. One feature may be freely used in a particular tool but not available in another, and vice versa.


This is an amazing and innovative tool for creating graphic designs, which has many different  options. Some of these include a fully-featured graphic editor, a library of visuals, and quality templates.

Although Snappa is a sophisticated graphic editor, it is quite simple to operate. You can design amazing and visually appealing images within moments by just dragging and dropping. Adding various effects to designs is as easy as pushing buttons.

A splendid library of visuals

Browse a huge library collection of 40,000+ photos, 3,500+ graphics, and 200+ fonts. All images and graphics on the platform are licensed for commercial use and are 100% royalty-free.

Professional quality templates

Make your choice from more than a hundred pre-designed templates, which are nicely created by the in-house design team. Templates are accessible in many sizes and appropriate for a vast degree of specialties.

pablo buffer

Pablo is a great and very simple tool for designing images for social networks in just a few minutes.
You can upload your picture, or choose from a huge pool of 600,000 photos.

6.Recite This
Recite This

On you can create beautiful visual quotes as images. Download and share them on your favorite social network directly with one single click.
No registration required.

While this nice tool helps to engage with social networks, the images you create there have some credits of “Recite” but you can remove the credit.
Once you’ve finished creating the image, do not share it on the social networks, but download it to your computer, then upload the image to Canva. From there, crop it.


If you are interested in creating an amazing presentation and infographics, Piktochart is the tool! There is a great selection of hundreds of templates and you can create beautiful presentations easily, quickly, and free of charge.


If one picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is worth a collage? The answer to this is found in PicMonkey!
Here too, is a sophisticated and user-friendly image editor that gives killer results.

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How Much To Tip In Life’s Everyday Situations

How much to tip – guide

Deciding how much to tip has never been easy. Plus, most people use credit cards and debit cards rather than cash these days. Given the near ubiquity of plastic gift cards, the decision of “how much” to tip also becomes a decision of “how” to tip as well. So we’ve saved you the anxiety. Here’s a brief guide of how much to tip in life’s everyday situations.

Restaurant service staff
Restaurant staff tip

Leaving a tip after a great meal is probably the only thing most people can agree on. The typical tip is 15-20%, depending on the overall level of the service. It’s best to add in a bit more if you had a large group order. This is also true if the waiter/waitress took any extraordinary steps to accommodate any unusual dietary or menu requests.

How much to tip the movers

As a rule of thumb, you can give each mover $10 to $20 for a local move. For larger moves, as well as for moves that require crossing state lines, you should think about tipping $20 to $50 per person. Also, you can add more if you live on the top floor of a building without an elevator. That’s a good reason to add in some extra cash as a bonus at the end of the job.

Hairdressers and barbers

For most trips to the barbershop or hair salon, you should give a 15-20% tip. Where things get complicated, of course, is if multiple people helped out on your salon experience. As a rule of thumb, you should give 20% of the entire value of the visit. Then, let the person at the front desk figure out how to allocate the tip.


Back in the day, it was a no-brainer to give a 10% tip to your taxi driver. But we live in an era of Uber and private limo services. The new de facto standard is a 15-20% tip per ride. Most ride services will list the rules of tipping within the vehicle. Keep in mind that some bus lines and other transportation services (like the courtesy buses at airports) expressly forbid giving a tip to the driver.

Massage therapists

For every trip to the local spa or salon for a massage, you should give a tip of 15-20%.

Car wash workers
How much to tip at the car wash?

This one is a bit tricky, since there are usual several people working on your car at one time. Always look for a tip box near the exit. Put your money directly in there if possible  – that will reduce the anxiety. As a rule of thumb, you should give $2 or $3 for a car. You can give anywhere from $3 to $5 for a large SUV or truck.

Pet sitters and pet walkers
Pet sitter and dog walker tip

In this case, it’s best to give a one-time annual gift rather than a succession of tips every few days or every few weeks. Makes sense, right? Here’s where you can start using your gift cards, rather than trying to figure out exactly how much to tip. Most gift cards come in denominations of $10, $15, $20 and $25. Those are all reasonable gifts to give around the holidays.

How much to tip handyman

If you live in a building with a handyman, you’ve probably used his (or her) services at least once during the year. The best time to show a little appreciation is around the holidays. This is when you can give a monetary gift of anywhere from $15 to $50. Here, too, you can just give a gift card.


If you’re still uncertain about how much to tip, just remember that you should never give more than you feel comfortable giving. In many cases, it’s the thought that counts. Most people who receive tips will admit that the range of tips can vary widely. Most are happy with just a gesture of appreciation. If you absolutely, positively can’t make up your mind – use The Rule of 15. You can either give a tip of 15% or a gift card worth $15, whichever one seems appropriate for the situation.

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