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How Much Does A Computer Repair Cost?

Computer Repair Cost

The computer has broken down and you have no idea what the repair might cost. This blog post will enlighten you on what to expect. Here, you will be able to see a quote for a variety of computer repairs such as: How much it will cost to have a computer technician visit you, the price for a laptop screen replacement, the price of formatting a computer, how much it will cost you to wipe your computer of viruses or to dust and clean the fans, and more.
You can also find price points for the vast range of services that a computer technician can provide: from diagnosing a desktop or laptop, to formatting and installing an operating system, to cleaning viruses, to increasing internal memory, to replacing and installing hardware.

What more?

You can also find prices of various components for your computer, such as a hard disk, power supply, sound card, network card, video card and more.
Generally, the pricing of the services vary from one  computer technician to another, due to the different types of technicians offering this service.

Types of computer technicians that affect costs

The first type of technicians are:
– Young technicians who make computer repairs as a side job.
– Students who do this work as a student job.
– Employee technicians who take on side work outside normal working hours.
Typically, these technicians charge around $20-$50 per hour of their time to work on your computer.

The second type of technicians, who charge a higher price are:
– Employees of computer stores that have labs, or businesses that specialize in repairs-only within their laboratory.
Typically, these establishments would charge around $50-$95 per hour.

What are the costs of different repairs?

Testing a desktop in a lab
$20 – $55 \ Free

Testing a laptop in a lab
$20 – $55 \ Free
*A lot of computer technicians do not charge a fee for diagnosis if you choose to have them repair your computer.

Slow computer fixing
The price includes: removal software, disk defragmentation, and registry cleanup.
Around $20 – $95 per hour.

Virus and malware removal
The price includes the cost of the visit.
Around $20 – $95 per hour.

Clean off dust from your computer
The price includes cleaning the fans.
Around $20 – $95 per hour.

Switch screen to laptop
Around $180 – $300 fixed price
The price per screen of standard size varies according to the computer model. The price includes work and parts.

Basic training time or advice for using the computer
– Price range is: Around $25 – $70 per hour.

Computer formatting
Formatting a computer and installing an operating system – not including backup.
The price includes the cost of the visit.
$60- $150
Extra fee for backup before formatting your computer
$20 – $35

Installing software and hardware on your computer
$10 – $40 (Extra charge)
* If you call the technician just for this, the price is billed hourly.
The price is for labor only, such as installing a hardware component like a video card, memory card, hard disk.

Install a printer and the corresponding driver
$30 – $95
Price for work only and per computer.

Set up a home network
$40 – $90
The price includes the cost of the visit.

Installing a Motherboard
$40 – $90
The price does not include the hardware.

Recover data from hard disk or from USB disk
$40 – $95

Highly recommended tips

The closer the technician is, the better
Distance is an important factor in pricing the repair costs, because the technician calculates the time taken to arrive at your destination as part of the overall cost.
Of course, the technician should be close to you so that if the problem is not properly fixed, you can ask him or her to re-examine the computer or take the computer to the laboratory.

Cheaper to take it in
It’s better to take your computers to a lab for repairs than having a technician come to your home.
In the lab, the technician has all the necessary equipment and conditions to repair your computer.
Another thing is that you only pay for the repair and not the travel expenses that the technician will charge you for coming to your place.

Bringing your computer in will save you money — and potentially time, if the problem needs to be looked at in greater detail.

Ask for a free diagnosis
Diagnostics should not cost you money if the technician also repairs your computer.

Buy the spare parts yourself
On Amazon, there is a huge selection of computer parts that are available at affordable prices, which will help you save the profit that the technician would otherwise try to earn from getting the parts for you.

Try repairing the computer yourself:
Most computer repairs are very simple to implement, and there are many tutorials and websites on the internet that teach you how to fix common computer problems.

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Top FREE ways to To increase your presence in social networks

Increase your facebook likes

Nowadays, it’s hard to get social signals and free Likes on social media platforms.You will have to beg every one of your loved ones or make them happy enough to Like your posts or pages and in the event that they actually like you then they might click on the share button too.

However, every single click is a major plus, as it boosts your product image and it aids in spreading your message in a genuinely effective manner all for free.In the event that you are an entrepreneur, having LIKES or shares is quite essential as it offers you the opportunity to meet new prospective clients.

Beware of “secret ways”to increase the amount of Likes

Lots of websites, particularly YouTube videos, provides you with “secret ways” to get free LIKES. Though there is a “small issue”, These Likes are not genuine and once they are not genuine they have no value and are practically useless.

So, I will reveal to you some great techniques on how to get lots of genuine Likes, tweets, shares, and followers as you can, which will be quite beneficial to promoting your brand image.

The most essential point is that it’s absolutely FREE and an awesome process. A few of the necessary tools request a small payment just for the module, although the LIKES and all other things you will gain from the plugin, are all free.

Now, let’s show you how it’s done:

1. Install the “Invite All Friends on Facebook” extension to your google Chrome browser

This extension will enable you to invite every one of your facebook friends with just one click to Like your Facebook pages. So, you can invite every one of them and spare yourself a great deal of stress and time.
To make use of this extension, open the Facebook invitation box and click on the extension icon located on your address bar.
– > Working with pages
– > Automatic scrolling
– > Working with events
– > Support around 5000 individuals

When you’ve installed the plugin, simply click on the extension icon and adhere to the guidelines in the video below:

Ensure you ask lots of family members and friends to follow and Like your pages and to also invite every one of their friends.
It’s free, it’s fast and it’s efficient!

2. Join ADDMEFAST to get Likes, shares, tweets and more social signals for free:
Free Likes and followers from addmefast

AddMeFast helps its users to gain more Facebook Followers, Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Post Shares.
Google+ Post Share, Google+ Circles.
YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Video Favorites, YouTube Video Likes, YouTube Views.
Twitter Tweets, Twitter Followers, Twitter Favorites, Twitter reTweets.
MySpace Friends.
VK Page Followers, VK Group Join. Likes.
Instagram Followers, Instagram Photo Likes.
Pinterest Followers, , Pinterest Likes, Pinterest rePins.
Reverbnation Fans.
StumbleUpon Followers.
SoundCloud Music Listening, SoundCloud Followers.
WebSite Hits to generate more traffic to your website.

This platform doesn’t sell followers/hits/subscribers/likes/views. Also, they will on no account ask for the usernames and passwords of your social media accounts and will never update statuses, tweet, or post, from your social media accounts.

The AddMeFast  has a lot of members from everywhere across the world who seek to make connections with people like you, regardless of the possibility that they are not from your part of the world, the most vital factor is that people make you a lake rather than a machine.

Registration is quite simple, you get 50 points at registration and then 300 bonus points on a daily basis once you are an active member. So, let’s begin your likes journey!

3. Create account on Youlikehits

YouLikeHits is a social media tool that enables its users to get more Digg Followers, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views and Website Hits.

This platform is almost the same as the ADDMEFAST website, an identical concept, however, with YouLikeHits there is no feature to gain Facebook Likes for instance, and they only offer a couple of social media sites as opposed to the ADDMEFAST platform.

Nonetheless, this website sees a great deal of visitors from every part around the globe.

4. Use Likes Planet
Like planet


Another social networking tool but different from the first two as you are not required to pay for using the platform, but rather you can Earn Points by Liking, Following, and so forth as well as Earn Points by Daily Bonus.

5. Like 2 Discount Coupons for Likes website plugin

Like2Discount is a WordPress – WooCommerce extension that generates discount coupons for everyone who likes your Facebook Page. It incorporates an email verification process for every coupon, meaning you will receive 1 Like + 1 client email.
This is a unique and authentic approach to getting likes, on the grounds that every one of your paying customers wants a discount and any individual who wants a rebate will willingly give a Like for it.

6. Like 2 Unlock plugin
like2unlock plugin

The Like 2 Unlock WordPress extension is a Like Button and content locker all-in-one, which enables you to lock a particular content on your website until when a visitor clicks on the Like Button and gives you more fans, likes, traffic and clients!

7. Facebook Like to Download jQuery plugin

Facebook Like to Download for jQuery enables users to transform the Like Button into a social networking traffic sharing download button. This particular extension and concept is a better approach to providing your clients with content while at the same time boosting your social media traffic ten times. More Likes = More Traffic = More Money

8. You will constantly update fascinating and useful content on your fan pages

In spite of the fact that the above listed tools will offer immeasurable assistance, however, nothing beats when you publish quality, unique and appealing content.

9. Create a contests
facebook contest to get likes

Contents are an amazing way to increase the hype and buzz about your service or product. It is one of our best recommendations to include a contest tab on your Facebook page.
Recommended extensions for you to install:
Easy Facebook Contest
Facebook Promotion with Discount Coupon and Gifts

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How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Computer Repairing Business

computer-repair name


Say, you are a computer geek whose magical touch has the power to repair dead CPUs and return monitors to life. Over the years, your proficient capabilities have been gaining popularity, and a number of motherboards have rekindled their spark through your nimble fingers.

So, thoughts of giving this talent a professional actuality starts to sound tempting…but, wait! What should your computer repairing business name be? How will people identify your brand?

If this very first step clogs and jams every gray cell of your brain, then worry not! This article will provide you with an effective naming approach along with a few examples to ease this process.

Finding that sweet spot:-

Computer repairing naming is all about creating bait. This is what in many cases determines whether the potential customer will click on your business listing or call you.

And any such phone call is worth money and a potential host of other customers recommended by satisfied clients.

What must be accepted?

Here are a few dos and don’ts that can act as cheats in this naming quest.
Take a look at the following points. Adhere to each of them while you carve out the perfect name for your business.


Play with words:

Choose a computer repair name that camouflages your service as well as the tools in use.
For instance, “Monitoring Hardware” is a name that is apt for a person looking to provide hardware repairs and upgrade services.

Creativity is lucrative:

Often, unique and new computer repair names receive a better branding than existing words. “Compaq” is one such example you can think of immediately. Modifying existing words catch more attention, and who knows? It may become a brand someday!

Visualize your identity:

A good name for your computer repairing business must create a visual perception of the service your clients will receive. Let’s consider “Flipkart” for instance. The name resonates to “flipping pages in a book” which stands as a prime reason for its enormous success.


What should be left out?

Entrepreneurs often make a few mistakes when naming or renaming their computer repair business. These are big turn-offs and can end your career even before it starts.

Use an attractive name maybe rather than “your name”:

By doing so, marketing your service becomes a tad easier. Your happy customers may look to recommend your computer repair business name to other people. However, if you use a proper noun, customers may pronounce it wrong. Thus, new clienteles may find it difficult to reach your services.
For example:
Jonathan Hargreaves vs Com On

Expand your possibilities:

Is computer repairing permanent? With the decreasing cost of electronics, nobody can guarantee that today.
So, a name such as “Hard Disk Masters” will not get you the distance. Rather, go for something like “CPU Geeks.” Desktops and laptops will always require a CPU. Thus, it will suffice for decades.

Avoid copying or using puns:

For instance, instead of modifying “Blackberry” as “Blueberry” (a form of imitation), go for an authentic option that defines your computer repair business’s identity. A genuine nomenclature will help your business soar above the rest in no time.

Do not select a name before checking whether a domain name is available

One of the important things is to check if the desired domain name is available.Choosing a business name based on the availability of the domain name is a wonderful thing.

So, what should names look like?

Take a look at these business names; these are a few examples that can give you a head start in naming your computer repair business.

  •         Geekysoftwares – This name embraces software service as a whole.
  •         Stopatdesktop – An example of playing with words.
  •         Load & Reboot – A crisp title that clearly defines the service.
  •         The Last Byte – Another example of playing with words.
  •         ClickWithaJoystick – An attractive yet simple name.

Let’s check out some highly recommended websites and tools that may help you with innovative ideas of naming your business.

  1.     Dot-O-Mator Name Generator
  2.     BizNameWiz, or

These provide similar and useful guidelines on potential nomenclatures. The above tools, additionally, can assist you in generating preferable names for your computer repairing business.

So, lay significant stress on the dos and don’ts and make sure to embrace a generalized approach when choosing the perfect computer repairing business name.

I hope my article has been of help to you. If you have anything to add or opine about, you are welcome to do so in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy if you shared this article and spread the love.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App?

mobile app development prices Guide

Imagine you are an entrepreneur, who is just launching his/her career developing mobile apps, both android or IOS. If you’ve imagined this, or you are a developer, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: “How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?” and you have found it difficult to answer this question. In this article, I will answer this question, and you will understand how to calculate the cost of building mobile applications, and everything that happens behind the scenes.

Written by Lior Ibn Ezra - Programmer, Entrepreneur, and Founder of

The base of mobile app development rates

All bids are based on the main cost component of the development process, and the working hours of the various professionals involved in the project. An experienced project manager with a technological background will evaluate the work hours based on a specification document written for the app.

What are the implications of estimating inaccurate app development hours?

Of course, if the evaluation was significantly higher, then there is bound to be a problem, but even an underestimation of development hours is likewise problematic. In most cases, if the development company has misjudged and underestimated the cost of developing the application, it will ask for an additional fee that will cause your company an unplanned expense and place the entire project at risk.

Components Of App Cost Calculation

Now, I’ll explain the different factors to consider when starting app development:

Project Management

The mobile app development project manager

The role of the project manager is to ensure that the project ends in a success. He is responsible for adhering to the timetable and ensuring the completion of the final product. A good project manager will create an efficient and effective development process and know how to arrange all parts of the development process to achieve success. When all the areas are working together harmoniously, the app can be produced at high quality and can save you money.

Mobile App Design And User Experience
Mobile app designer costs

Attractive design and a user-friendly experience will improve the percentage of user retention and their level of return to the app. The more they use the app, the more likely they are to perform the actions you’re targeting, such as purchasing a subscription or premium, purchasing products, viewing advertisements, strengthening your brand, or any other action that makes you profitable, economic or not.

Mobile App Quality Testing
Mobile app testing costs

QA personnel will accompany the project from the characterization stage until after completion of the development, all while ensuring that there are no mishaps. At the mobile app characterization stage, they will write a test document. In the later stages, they will perform tests on a variety of devices to ensure that the application is free from malfunctions.

Mobile App Development
Mobile app development team

The developers learn the characterization and write down the code needed for the application to meet the stipulated requirements. They build the database, develop the server side and write the client side of the application according to the characterization and design. If there are malfunctions or incompatibilities, the developers will work with the project manager and QA personnel to understand what repairs are needed and perform them.

Once we’ve seen the factors that are part of app development, we’ll clarify the image by detailing costs:

Project Manager: $70-$180 per hour; constitutes 10% – 15% of the work time.
Designer and user experience feature: $40 – $120 per hour, is about 10% – 20% of working time.
Software Checker: $50 – $160 per hour; constitutes about 15% – 25% of the working time.
Mobile Application developer: $80 – $190 per hour, approx. 45% – 65% of working time.

[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]  Pricing Methods

After we know the basis for calculating the cost of application development and understand the various components of the development process, I will present the part where we usually choose between two different pricing methods.

This section determines the parameters according to which payments will be made to the application development company, which affects many areas of the project. As the decision has great impact, it is obviously critical to the development process and it is important to know the implications of each choice.
The two pricing methods are:

  • Fixed price
  • Payment according to actual work hours

I will explain the pricing methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each method

Work by fixed price

The development company submits an overall price proposal for the development of the product and if accepted, undertakes to develop it at the proposed cost. What actually happens? The company estimates the work hours and adds a security margin of 20% – 40%.

For example, if the development of an application is estimated at 500 hours, the development company charges $120 per hour and defines a 30% safety margin for the project.

 + Advantages:
Minimizing Risk-

As a young company owner, one of your major roles is to minimize risks. By working at a fixed price, you can achieve this because the risk that the project will exceed the budget is on the development company.

Efficiency and Timeliness-

When the development company has a defined budget framework to reach the product, it will streamline internal processes in order to reach a quality product that is completed on time and without exceeding the set budget.

However, sometimes, this can cause the company to “save” parts that need not be saved and cause damage to the product. In order to prevent this situation, or at least minimize it, I recommend that you ask for a test document written by a professional software tester, which will be a document to which the company is committed. The tests in the document work correctly.

 – Disadvantages
Less Flexibility During Development –

If you are asked to make changes during or after the development process, the implementation process will be difficult because for every change, the company will submit a price quote and renegotiate. When I take into account that a startup company must be flexible in order not to close prematurely, working at a fixed price may cause the mobile app development process to become a bottleneck in the venture.

Receiving a Lower Quality Product – 

In the event that developers come up with ideas or interesting features for the product, they usually will not offer these ideas readily because any change in development might disrupt the project. In other words, the company will prefer not to increase its overhead cost.

Cost of Security –

The app development company is a business, and businesses tend to minimize risks. The fixed price is embodied in the safety margins that the development company takes, usually between 20% and 40%. Therefore, for the security that the app price does not exceed the budget, there is a cost.

Work hourly

The development company executes a relatively accurate estimation of the development of the product, based on the characterization of the application. On the basis of the evaluation, and in coordination with the client, they set goals and milestones for developing the application. If there are changes in characterization or new requirements arise, the goals are updated accordingly. The development fee is calculated according to the actual amount of hours invested.

Because there is no liability for the total cost of the product, this method has difficulty in budgetary planning. To make better budget preparations, I recommend setting about 30% of your app development cost aside for exceptions. This way you can minimize the risk of budget surprises.

+ Advantages:

Hourly work indicates the level of transparency between you and the development company. When working for the time being, the company usually prefers to work with more frequent updates in order to show the client that work is progressing and that the hours invested in app development are well utilized.

Involvement – 

Working in this way enables and encourages your involvement as customers in all stages of development.

Flexibility –

Because work is hourly, there is no need for negotiation, bidding or signing contracts when you want to make changes or add components. This enables flexible and smooth work that results in a better product and is suitable for your company’s flexibility.

Partners, not suppliers – 

When working for the time being, the app development company has no interest in avoiding changes or additions, which changes the way of discourse and form of engagement. The development company can share with the customer ideas for interesting features or important changes that should be made and thus, improve the product. However, you should be monitoring and testing the relevance of the proposals from your development company to ensure they are properly aligned with your company’s strategy.

Paying for what you get –

If the price per hour corresponds to the quality, rate and level of work of all the parties involved, you will receive fair compensation for working hours, and you will not pay for safety margins.

 – Disadvantages:
Difficulty in budgetary planning:

As long as the hours are accurate, there is no commitment to the cost of development. Entrepreneurs interested in developing a mobile application with a limited budget base will find it difficult to work with this method.

I have been opportune to partake in application development processes that worked using the fixed price method and the hourly work method. In addition to looking at the advantages and disadvantages I brought to each method, I will recommend most projects to work by the hour.

The Bottom Line

I have been opportune to partake in application development processes that worked using the fixed price method and the hourly work method. Besides looking at the advantages and disadvantages I brought to each method, I will recommend most projects to work by the hour.

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Business Promotion



Website traffic is one of the most common challenges facing business owners and entrepreneurs, This is understandable…

There are over 1 billion websites today, and all fighting for a potential visitor’s attention. This requires a high level of creativity and originality, to get your desired traffic. Despite their enormous potential, only a very few people have discovered the methods I teach here. With this article, you will be able to discover them here and now.

The important value you will read here:

This article is an attempt to give marketers and business owners several tips for action, in order to get traffic to their website or app for free. You’ll be surprised that free advertising, is much more effective than paid advertising.Why? Because it transmits reliability, seriousness, naturalness, and what’s more, it usually comes as a third-party recommendation, which further strengthens the site’s authority. So follow the recommendations below ,implement them and begin to produce results.

Before I start, you need to take note of the following points, which should be the foundation of every site:

Is your site niche interesting and gives a special value to visitors?
The site’s design clean?
Is it user-friendly?
Are there bugs?
Has someone who is not a friend or relative reviewed it?
Does your site loads fast?

If you think long-term, the most important thing is not only to get someone to visit your site, but to make him fall in love with your site and want to come back to it every time.
Have you passed this hurdle? Now it’s time to bump up your traffic:

1. Go to the libraries and drive traffic from there
Drive traffic from many computers
Visit the libraries, and change the computers home page there

Preferably when opening the library, go to any computer found there, change the home page on the browser, to your site home page. This step has great benefits not only due to the streaming of visitors but also because it is, first of all, a signal to search engines that the page is liked, appreciated and important for many. so that’s why it is assigned by the public, as the home page.

Moreover, in case you want to draw the attention of local search engines ranking to your site, it would bump up your ranking at the library area. The search engines detect the IP address of the computers and depending on the user’s location, so it presents the results.
Now Do the simple arithmetic: The library has 40 computers, for example, every day, 10 people get to use any of the computers and the library is open for 22 days a month, it means: 40X10X22 = 8800 visitors to your site, how much have you paid for it? Nothing!

2. Comment on YouTube
use youtube to Get website traffic
Youtube For Getting Website Traffic

Access YouTube and search for videos relevant to your industry (you may want to sort by a number of views). Leave nice and friendly comments there, give responses that would look completely natural with a link to your site URL.
For example: “Your video helped me a lot, good for you, I heard recommendations about http:/ what do you think? ”

It is important to understand that the great advantage is that YouTube links are live. On a single click, the visitor is delivered directly to your site.
Of course, do not forget to paste the full URL address, including the protocol HTTP/S, only then will the link be clickable.
Awesome, you have received a relevant link that will help you build links, and have also revealed your site and your business which would send you traffic directly from that link. The more links you have, the more the traffic.

To avoid getting blocked by YouTube, I would recommend that you do not spam with tons of comments in a short while. Instead, drip it. Comment using multiple Google accounts from several IP addresses using a number of accounts, will be better for this method.

3.Generate traffic from SOCIAL EXCHANGE platforms
Get traffic from social exchange sites
Get traffic from social exchange sites

By using These platforms, you can get many likes and shares to your URLS. In addition, they also offer WEBSITE HITS. The average site there gets 20-50 shares per day from different users, which is excellent. What you have to give in return for it is to Share or Like the other sites. The top three social exchnge sites are: Addmefast, Liikesplanet, and youlikehits; give it a try and you will not regret this moment.
>>Let’s checkout Addmefast now

4. Publish project on Freelance Websites with link to your site
 Get free traffic for free from freelance sites
Publish a project on freelance sites, everyone see!

Type “Freelance Websites” on Google. Click on major freelance sites, create and post a project. Of course, you don’t need to hire anyone, you can post simple project under the title: “Professional content writer for writing 50 articles” and put a link to your site in the Project Description box.
It is important for you to know that there are freelance sites with hundreds of thousands of freelancers’ accounts. Whenever projects are published there, the freelancers open each proposal and eagerly read what is written in it, and you can take advantage of this.

5. Offer your site “For Sale”
Get traffic flow from FLIPPA
Offer your site for sale (as if)

Go to; this is a trading arena for selling websites, and offer your site “for sale” Of course, I mean you obviously do not have to sell it, but add the listing and publish there. The visitors which are “potential buyers” will visit your site.
I hope I have been able to help you with something. In today’s virtual world, you must take unusual steps if you want to survive and succeed.
<3 I’d love to answer questions or read your comments

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