Say, you are a computer geek whose magical touch has the power to repair dead CPUs and return monitors to life. Over the years, your proficient capabilities have been gaining popularity, and a number of motherboards have rekindled their spark through your nimble fingers.

So, thoughts of giving this talent a professional actuality starts to sound tempting…but, wait! What should your computer repairing business name be? How will people identify your brand?

If this very first step clogs and jams every gray cell of your brain, then worry not! This article will provide you with an effective naming approach along with a few examples to ease this process.

Finding that sweet spot:-

Computer repairing naming is all about creating bait. This is what in many cases determines whether the potential customer will click on your business listing or call you.

And any such phone call is worth money and a potential host of other customers recommended by satisfied clients.

What must be accepted?

Here are a few dos and don’ts that can act as cheats in this naming quest.
Take a look at the following points. Adhere to each of them while you carve out the perfect name for your business.


Play with words:

Choose a computer repair name that camouflages your service as well as the tools in use.
For instance, “Monitoring Hardware” is a name that is apt for a person looking to provide hardware repairs and upgrade services.

Creativity is lucrative:

Often, unique and new computer repair names receive a better branding than existing words. “Compaq” is one such example you can think of immediately. Modifying existing words catch more attention, and who knows? It may become a brand someday!

Visualize your identity:

A good name for your computer repairing business must create a visual perception of the service your clients will receive. Let’s consider “Flipkart” for instance. The name resonates to “flipping pages in a book” which stands as a prime reason for its enormous success.


What should be left out?

Entrepreneurs often make a few mistakes when naming or renaming their computer repair business. These are big turn-offs and can end your career even before it starts.

Use an attractive name maybe rather than “your name”:

By doing so, marketing your service becomes a tad easier. Your happy customers may look to recommend your computer repair business name to other people. However, if you use a proper noun, customers may pronounce it wrong. Thus, new clienteles may find it difficult to reach your services.
For example:
Jonathan Hargreaves vs Com On

Expand your possibilities:

Is computer repairing permanent? With the decreasing cost of electronics, nobody can guarantee that today.
So, a name such as “Hard Disk Masters” will not get you the distance. Rather, go for something like “CPU Geeks.” Desktops and laptops will always require a CPU. Thus, it will suffice for decades.

Avoid copying or using puns:

For instance, instead of modifying “Blackberry” as “Blueberry” (a form of imitation), go for an authentic option that defines your computer repair business’s identity. A genuine nomenclature will help your business soar above the rest in no time.

Do not select a name before checking whether a domain name is available

One of the important things is to check if the desired domain name is available.Choosing a business name based on the availability of the domain name is a wonderful thing.

So, what should names look like?

Take a look at these business names; these are a few examples that can give you a head start in naming your computer repair business.

  •         Geekysoftwares – This name embraces software service as a whole.
  •         Stopatdesktop – An example of playing with words.
  •         Load & Reboot – A crisp title that clearly defines the service.
  •         The Last Byte – Another example of playing with words.
  •         ClickWithaJoystick – An attractive yet simple name.

Let’s check out some highly recommended websites and tools that may help you with innovative ideas of naming your business.

  1.     Dot-O-Mator Name Generator
  2.     BizNameWiz, or

These provide similar and useful guidelines on potential nomenclatures. The above tools, additionally, can assist you in generating preferable names for your computer repairing business.

So, lay significant stress on the dos and don’ts and make sure to embrace a generalized approach when choosing the perfect computer repairing business name.

I hope my article has been of help to you. If you have anything to add or opine about, you are welcome to do so in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy if you shared this article and spread the love. Staff

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