Nowadays, it’s hard to get social signals and free Likes on social media platforms.You will have to beg every one of your loved ones or make them happy enough to Like your posts or pages and in the event that they actually like you then they might click on the share button too.

However, every single click is a major plus, as it boosts your product image and it aids in spreading your message in a genuinely effective manner all for free.In the event that you are an entrepreneur, having LIKES or shares is quite essential as it offers you the opportunity to meet new prospective clients.

Beware of “secret ways”to increase the amount of Likes

Lots of websites, particularly YouTube videos, provides you with “secret ways” to get free LIKES. Though there is a “small issue”, These Likes are not genuine and once they are not genuine they have no value and are practically useless.

So, I will reveal to you some great techniques on how to get lots of genuine Likes, tweets, shares, and followers as you can, which will be quite beneficial to promoting your brand image.

The most essential point is that it’s absolutely FREE and an awesome process. A few of the necessary tools request a small payment just for the module, although the LIKES and all other things you will gain from the plugin, are all free.

Now, let’s show you how it’s done:

1. Install the “Invite All Friends on Facebook” extension to your google Chrome browser

This extension will enable you to invite every one of your facebook friends with just one click to Like your Facebook pages. So, you can invite every one of them and spare yourself a great deal of stress and time.
To make use of this extension, open the Facebook invitation box and click on the extension icon located on your address bar.
– > Working with pages
– > Automatic scrolling
– > Working with events
– > Support around 5000 individuals

When you’ve installed the plugin, simply click on the extension icon and adhere to the guidelines in the video below:

Ensure you ask lots of family members and friends to follow and Like your pages and to also invite every one of their friends.
It’s free, it’s fast and it’s efficient!

2. Join ADDMEFAST to get Likes, shares, tweets and more social signals for free:
Free Likes and followers from addmefast

AddMeFast helps its users to gain more Facebook Followers, Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Post Shares.
Google+ Post Share, Google+ Circles.
YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Video Favorites, YouTube Video Likes, YouTube Views.
Twitter Tweets, Twitter Followers, Twitter Favorites, Twitter reTweets.
MySpace Friends.
VK Page Followers, VK Group Join. Likes.
Instagram Followers, Instagram Photo Likes.
Pinterest Followers, , Pinterest Likes, Pinterest rePins.
Reverbnation Fans.
StumbleUpon Followers.
SoundCloud Music Listening, SoundCloud Followers.
WebSite Hits to generate more traffic to your website.

This platform doesn’t sell followers/hits/subscribers/likes/views. Also, they will on no account ask for the usernames and passwords of your social media accounts and will never update statuses, tweet, or post, from your social media accounts.

The AddMeFast  has a lot of members from everywhere across the world who seek to make connections with people like you, regardless of the possibility that they are not from your part of the world, the most vital factor is that people make you a lake rather than a machine.

Registration is quite simple, you get 50 points at registration and then 300 bonus points on a daily basis once you are an active member. So, let’s begin your likes journey!

3. Create account on Youlikehits

YouLikeHits is a social media tool that enables its users to get more Digg Followers, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views and Website Hits.

This platform is almost the same as the ADDMEFAST website, an identical concept, however, with YouLikeHits there is no feature to gain Facebook Likes for instance, and they only offer a couple of social media sites as opposed to the ADDMEFAST platform.

Nonetheless, this website sees a great deal of visitors from every part around the globe.

4. Use Likes Planet
Like planet


Another social networking tool but different from the first two as you are not required to pay for using the platform, but rather you can Earn Points by Liking, Following, and so forth as well as Earn Points by Daily Bonus.

5. Like 2 Discount Coupons for Likes website plugin

Like2Discount is a WordPress – WooCommerce extension that generates discount coupons for everyone who likes your Facebook Page. It incorporates an email verification process for every coupon, meaning you will receive 1 Like + 1 client email.
This is a unique and authentic approach to getting likes, on the grounds that every one of your paying customers wants a discount and any individual who wants a rebate will willingly give a Like for it.

6. Like 2 Unlock plugin
like2unlock plugin

The Like 2 Unlock WordPress extension is a Like Button and content locker all-in-one, which enables you to lock a particular content on your website until when a visitor clicks on the Like Button and gives you more fans, likes, traffic and clients!

7. Facebook Like to Download jQuery plugin

Facebook Like to Download for jQuery enables users to transform the Like Button into a social networking traffic sharing download button. This particular extension and concept is a better approach to providing your clients with content while at the same time boosting your social media traffic ten times. More Likes = More Traffic = More Money

8. You will constantly update fascinating and useful content on your fan pages

In spite of the fact that the above listed tools will offer immeasurable assistance, however, nothing beats when you publish quality, unique and appealing content.

9. Create a contests
facebook contest to get likes

Contents are an amazing way to increase the hype and buzz about your service or product. It is one of our best recommendations to include a contest tab on your Facebook page.
Recommended extensions for you to install:
Easy Facebook Contest
Facebook Promotion with Discount Coupon and Gifts Staff

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