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How to Draw a Crowd and Brand Your Business Listing with NEARME.LIFE


Congratulations, your business listing has been successfully published. Let’s take a look at what you can do now, to get the maximum benefit from it.With the following steps, you will be able to brand yourself, look more professional, and most importantly, attract more potential customers.
So, let’s get started:

Profile Image – One image is worth a thousand words!
We highly recommended that you upload an image of your place of work during operations and activity.

Ratings – Never let ratings let you down. Ask as many friends and customers as you can to rate you. More ratings lets customers know that you are an active, respectable business.

An external URL – Don’t forget to add your URL address. The links on are DOFOLLOW, and will help your search engine rankings. If you do not have a website, you can always build a killer one for FREE in 10 minutes on Wix or WordPress, using one of their elegant, pre-designed themes.

The likes and tweet buttons – Check the number of likes and tweets you receive. A larger number will portray you as authoritative figure, while increasing your popularity.

Special Offer – Never be banal; write unique and eye-caching headlines. Here are some other great ways to catch the attention of potential customers:

Offer a special bonus for sharing the listing. For example:
“Share my listing and receive 10% off ALL services!”

Provide a physical product for free:
“I’ll give you a special nail charm with every mani-pedi!”

Offer a free related service:
“I’ll give you one more area of hair-removal for free, if you share my listing!”

Let the visitors feel that the benefit is intended solely for them:
“A special additional discount for Nearme visitors of 30% on all prices below.”

Be seasonal:
“It’s a brutally hot winter at John’s hair salon – haircut and style for only $7!”

Special Offer Image:
Upload an attractive image, which you can create for FREE here.

Include all the services that are offered by you, with all options available. After you have entered all the services, always double check for any grammatical errors.

Stay informed:
Always update your listing and keep it fresh! Staff

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