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For a lot of car owners, simply vacuuming their car interiors or keeping it clear of trash is enough to keep it presentable.
However, if you want your car to be impeccable, you should consider having an expert auto detail job done on your vehicle.
Normally, car detailing involves washing and vacuuming dirt from your car interiors and cleaning and polishing dashboards and mirrors. For cars that have a certain offensive odor, car detailing is an ideal way to get rid of unwanted odors.

Auto detailing prices:

Type of Service Price Range
Custom Hand Wash $30-$50
Deluxe Wash/Wheel/Tires $45-65
Mini Detail $35-$40
Express Wax $55-$75
Polymer Wax With Clay $110-$150
Base Interior Vacuum/Wash $35-$50
Full Interior/Exterior Detail $275-$325
Scotchguard $160-$185
Engine Steam Clean $275-$300
Leather Clean/Treatment $95-$125
Ozonation/Odor Removal $55-$75
Ding/Dent Removal $75-$150

Car Wash Chains

The range of prices offered are dependent upon the size of your vehicle and where you get it serviced. For individuals who drive very large vehicles like SUVs, or trucks, their vehicle detailing will cost more and fall on the higher side of the above listed prices than regular small cars.

How much you get charged to have an auto detailing job done on your car is synonymous to the location of the car wash service. If you live in a busy town or city, you can visit one of the big car wash chains that gives discounts to returning customers. In big towns, even with the possibility of getting a discount, you are certain to pay upwards of $100 for services that incorporate rinsing, waxing, exterior and interior detailing, window cleaning, and wheel and tire washing.

Putting your car through this standard service is okay for regular cars, SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles but having an expert detail job done on your vehicle at least once a year is important. If you visit one of the car wash chains, endeavor to inquire about a customized hand wash and detailing job as it is better than the regular machine job. Based on the size and packages you require for your vehicle, many car detailers will charge you around $200-$500 to get the job done.

Professional Detailers

Beyond exceptional interior detailing, professional auto detailers are the best in the business for repairing paint chips and car waxing and buffing. When searching for a detailer, check to make sure you only give your vehicle to a professional detailer or technician with extensive knowledge and expertise on car detailing with a trade school qualification.

Be prepared to pay upwards of $400-$800 for a full detail job that incorporates reconditioning and paint repairs. Remember that is better to hire the services of a professional car detailer to handle your luxury vehicles rather than to seek the services of a regular car wash business.

Body Shops

Car body and paint shops are also known to offer car detailing services. Many of them even have car detailing as part of their regular offers and charge customers around $200-$600 depending on the type of car and packages involved. In the event that you choose to have a car dealership handle your car detailing job, be prepared to part with around $200-$400 for a professional job.

How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

In this article, we will discuss the best techniques to save money so you can get the best services for as little expense as possible.

Search for Discount Materials

For those looking for DIY car detailing, searching for and buying heavily discounted car products will cut down on your spending a great deal. Though you’ll need some dedication when it comes to searching in stores and online for businesses that sell car products, with a little hard work you can get discount cleaning solutions, car wax, chrome polisher and lots of necessary materials and equipment that will speed up your DIY car detailing job. If this doesn’t work, approach your local auto shops or Google online to find where you can buy discounted car products and equipment. However, if your detailing can wait, you can take advantage of the seasonal discount or special offers that many car body supply stores offer. Search online or in local papers for when such discount offers will hold, and buy what you need once they are offered for discounted sale.

Use Your Materials Wisely

For those who understand the process of car detailing, using the equipment and materials you buy for car detailing judiciously will help you in using those same products for multiple car detailing projects. If you decide on DIY, be sure to go through the directions for use of car detailing products and materials prior to getting to work on your car to avoid damaging your vehicle. The instructions on these products will let you know whether or not to dilute certain products with water, or which application methods to avoid when using concentrated chemicals on your car. Following specific directions will ensure you do the perfect car detailing job and use materials such as chrome polish and car wax wisely to save you money.

Detail Regularly

It is important to detail your vehicle regularly because for individuals who hardly detail their cars, this process is bound to cost you more and require more resources when you finally decide to have your vehicle detail job done. Regular car detailing keeps the detailing expenses low. Your car appearance is also at its optimum after detailing.

Check Out Your Auto Detailer

To find the most competitive auto detailing prices, recommendations, and reviews within your locality, check Angie’s List. In addition, it is safer and wiser to check with the Better Business Bureau within your locality when searching for a consumer service to ensure the business has no issues labeled against them.
You may also be offered free pickup and drop off of your vehicle(s) as part of the package(s) when using a neighborhood car wash or auto shop for your detailing services. Staff

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