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How much does it cost to repair your bike?

How much does it cost to repair your bike?


Have you ever ridden a bicycle, turned around and suddenly found out that the tire was flat? Have you ever been pedaling and suddenly you wanted to stop but the bicycle failed to stop?
Like almost everything in life, bike repairs also cost money, but what matters is that you pay only what you need, and not get ripped off.

Bicycle repair prices can vary depending on a number of factors, which we will review here.
Sometimes, it is best to buy a new bike and not go for the expensive repair, and sometimes a repair that looks very complex can be done quickly by you, without paying a dime.

What are the factors that affect the price of bicycle repairs?

Bike type:
Large bikes require larger parts and therefore their repair is more expensive.
If your bike is electric then of course a thorough technical knowledge is required from the technician who will repair it, and therefore the cost is higher.
In mountain bikes, the system is more complex and therefore the repair will be more expensive than repairing a simple bike.

Price of the bike:
When you come to fix an expensive bike, it is usually priced accordingly, compared to the cheap bike. If you own an expensive bike, the bike repairman knows you will be willing to pay a higher amount for its repair.

Repair prices vary from region to region; bicycle repair in the heart of a prestigious neighborhood will be higher than a bicycle repair in a neighborhood where residents come from low socioeconomic status.

The type of fault that needs fixing:
As we will see below, there are types of faults that are expensive to repair and there are those that are not, it all depends on what needs to be fixed and how long the bike facility needs to spend on making the repair.

The World’s  Most Expensive Bike – Butterfly Madone: $500,000
butterfly mdone

What are the repair prices:

Initial check: When you bring your bike to check for the fault, it usually does not cost anything.

Costs around  $65-$350

Accessory Installs
Baby Seat Installation: $15 – ִִ$35
Bag/Pannier Installation: $10 – $20
Bar Tape Installation: $10- $20
Computer Installation: $10 – $20
Fender Installation: $35 -$55
Rack Installation: $10 -$25
Seatpost or Saddle: $5 – $10
Cleat Installation: $10 – $20
Training Wheels: $10 – $25

More Services

BB Adjust  $10 -$20
BB Install  $25 – $35
BB Overhaul  $40 – $50
Cassette Install/Remove  $10 – $15
Chain Install   $5 – $10
Crankset Install  $20 – $30
Derailleur Cable Install  $10 – $15
Derailleur Adjust  $10 – $15
Derailleur Install  $15 – $25
Derailleur Hanger Install $15 – $20

Assemble Bike   $60 – $80
Build Up From Frame      $120 – $170
Strip Frame   $40 – $70

Brake Adjust $10- $30
Brake Bleed   $25 – $40
Brake Cable Install   $10 – $20
Brake Install   $10 – $20
Brake Pad Install   $10 – $20
Brake Rotor Install   $10 – $20

Fork Install  $30 – $50

Headset Adjust  $10 – $20
Headset Install  $30 – $40
Headset Overhaul  $40 – $60

Wheel Build $40- $80
Spoke Replace   $20 – $35
True Wheel $10 – $40
Tire/Tube Install   $5 – $35

Hub Adjust  $10 – $25
Hub Overhaul (front)  $25 – $35
Hub Overhaul (rear)  $30 – $50

Box Bike  $50-$100
Delivery  $30 – $70

Pedals Install   $5 – $10
Pedals & Cleat Install  $10 – $15
Toe Clip Install  $10 – $15

Want to save on bike repair costs? It can be repaired for free!

By watching the video tutorials of the web’s best bicycle maintenance & repair –  you will be able to learn how to repair your bike easily and for free. That is, unless of course, spare parts are needed, in which case you will need to buy them.

Where can I buy bike parts at affordable prices?

The cheapest prices you will find are of course on Amazon.

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