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Route 1 Car Wash – Prices, Coupons and Reviews Summary

Route 1 Car Wash is located in Saugus, MA. They have recently installed self-service vacuum, rug shampoo island and fragrance. They offer two types of In-Bay Automatic Wash Systems. First, the new touch free laserwash 360 which operates on smart 360 technology with a high pressure induced wash system.Second, the new protouch tandem, with a two brush soft touch friction vehicle wash system. They have the largest top brush, which uses both friction and high pressure washing procedures.

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Prices and Coupons

Extreme Wash Plus $18.00
Extreme Wash $14.00
Deluxe Wash $11.00
Express Wash $9.00



Open 24 Hours a Day 365 Days a Year!

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Route 1 South, 481 Broadway, Saugus, MA

Call now: 781-558-1015

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