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If you are reading this guide, it is a sign that you understand the beautiful design of the content you showcase to your audience is a very important factor in creating your image and conveying your message.

The design and visual appeal of the message you are trying to promote has a key role to play in determining whether or not your idea will succeed.
This can be your website, an advertisement on one of the ad sites, any banner, business card, logo, your profile picture on the social networks, or even an invitation to an event.
However, design costs a lot of money. A professional graphic designer currently charges around $50 to $140 per hour. Yes, you may understand the importance of design on the road to your success, but you might find it difficult to meet the budget.

This guide will review the top free online design tools in the world today.

You’ll probably ask: If it’s free, who will pay for the maintenance, hosting, and development of these sophisticated platforms?
By “free”,  I mean the basic use is free, but if you want to upgrade something, you will have to pay for it.

Nonetheless, we have tips and secrets to share with you on how you can enjoy the upgraded service of some of these platforms, without paying a dime! Absolutely free! They pay for everything and you enjoy the benefits. Nice, right?

Before we start reviewing, here are a few points:

– All the tools below are online, no need to install them on your computer;
– There is no need for technical knowledge or any knowledge of design;
– All the tools are fairly simple — so simple that even a third grader could handle them;
– You can quickly design using these tools;
– It’s fun and you’ll find out how talented you are, even if you initially thought you were not so good.

So, let’s begin the journey to your wonderful and successful design, enjoy!

canva editor

Canva is a free online platform that helps you design almost everything, like:
Picture collages
Social media photos
Photo blogs
And more …
This site has a database of millions of images, icons, and charts, some of which are free.
Canva is known for its simple user interface and the ability to create simple but beautiful designs at maximum speed.
The income of the site is based on users who purchase images or icons for one dollar per unit (11 pictures can be purchased for $10).


If you need to buy an image or an icon or some illustration from its collection, try searching on Google first; then upload the image to the Canva editor.
– If you want to find an image on Google to upload to the canva editor, and it is important that the image has no background, just go to Google and type in the object name + the phrase “no background” and then you will see in the search results the desired object without any background.


Anyone who builds a website with WIX knows that this website builder offers thousands of free-to-use images, which are sold for tens of dollars per unit elsewhere.
In addition, WIX has a very large database of icons, infographics, and a selection of amazing fonts for your amazing designs.
Secret –
Now, the question is, how do you manage to download the designs you have created on this platform?

It’s very simple, right after you’ve finished designing your picture, you go to the Windows icon and click on it, then just cut the picture and save it on your computer.


BeFunky is an online platform great for creating collages for photo editing and design.
You can design images and graphics at a very high level, however, the free options are limited and this website has a lot of lures.
Try to maneuver between the tools we present here. One feature may be freely used in a particular tool but not available in another, and vice versa.


This is an amazing and innovative tool for creating graphic designs, which has many different  options. Some of these include a fully-featured graphic editor, a library of visuals, and quality templates.

Although Snappa is a sophisticated graphic editor, it is quite simple to operate. You can design amazing and visually appealing images within moments by just dragging and dropping. Adding various effects to designs is as easy as pushing buttons.

A splendid library of visuals

Browse a huge library collection of 40,000+ photos, 3,500+ graphics, and 200+ fonts. All images and graphics on the platform are licensed for commercial use and are 100% royalty-free.

Professional quality templates

Make your choice from more than a hundred pre-designed templates, which are nicely created by the in-house design team. Templates are accessible in many sizes and appropriate for a vast degree of specialties.

pablo buffer

Pablo is a great and very simple tool for designing images for social networks in just a few minutes.
You can upload your picture, or choose from a huge pool of 600,000 photos.

6.Recite This
Recite This

On you can create beautiful visual quotes as images. Download and share them on your favorite social network directly with one single click.
No registration required.

While this nice tool helps to engage with social networks, the images you create there have some credits of “Recite” but you can remove the credit.
Once you’ve finished creating the image, do not share it on the social networks, but download it to your computer, then upload the image to Canva. From there, crop it.


If you are interested in creating an amazing presentation and infographics, Piktochart is the tool! There is a great selection of hundreds of templates and you can create beautiful presentations easily, quickly, and free of charge.


If one picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is worth a collage? The answer to this is found in PicMonkey!
Here too, is a sophisticated and user-friendly image editor that gives killer results. Staff

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