Top tips and tricks to find the cheapest flights

Many times, you may end up paying much more than you needed to for a flight. Often, you’ll find that  when you ask the passengers on the same flight how much they paid, everyone says they bought the flight ticket for a different price.

It’s strange — how can the same flight, leaving from the same airport and heading for the same destination, have tickets sold for different prices?
The answer is that everyone used different methods.
The airlines are happy to take advantage of the unknowing customer, so this article is to ensure that no one remains blind to these opportunities and can take advantage of the chances that are available to purchase the cheapest flight.

Remember, The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries and contributes more than 7.6 trillion US dollars to the global economy every year.
These huge sums of money come from you, the passengers.

In collecting the material, conducting the research and writing this article, former airline employees, market researchers, travel agents and Internet experts who wished not to reveal their names participated.We honored their request for anonymity.

So, let’s see how we can soar up and lower prices down.

1. Try to book your flight on Sunday

Many travelers report that the price of flights on Sunday are cheaper by 10% – 30% than booking on any other day.
Of course, this is on the day of booking and not on the day your vacation begins.

2. ” Every day brings new choices ” – Martha Beck

Within two days of booking your ticket, it is worth checking the price of the flight you booked.
If the price you see is higher than what you ordered, then you made a good purchase.
If the price is cheaper than the price you paid, you can call the airline and ask to cancel the reservation.
In most cases, the airline will give you the lower price.

3. Buy long-term on Tuesday

It is a common occurrence among airlines to lower the booking prices if they discover there will be empty seats for a forthcoming weekend trip.
They often send out email alerts on Tuesdays to individuals who signed up to get them on such flight offers for the upcoming weekend or the following weekend. Flyers can travel Friday night or anytime on Saturday, and return on Monday or Tuesday.

4. Stay over on a Saturday night

When traveling within Europe, you can save around 34% on average by adding a Saturday night stay to your flight itinerary. This can go as high as 74% for flights inside central Europe. This because airlines usually aim to separate business travels from leisure travels by offering discounted bookings to flights which include a Saturday night stay.

5. Remove cookies from your browser

Clean out the cookies from your browser cache, regardless of whether you are using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.
– Airline websites are very sophisticated and analyze your behavior.
-Cookies provide the airline with an assessment of your financial capabilities. But of course we want to pay less, so take a second and delete the cookie files, close the browser and then reopen it again.

6. Visit at least 5 flight booking sites

Look for the ideal flight on at least the top 5 booking sites but do not forget the little ones.Searching multiple booking sites will show you different prices on exactly the same flight.

7. Use Google Flights
Google Flights

This Internet giant has not overlooked the issue of booking flights.
You should consider Google Flights when you compare prices.
In some cases, the prices Google displays are lower than those on other flight booking sites.

8. Consider split ticketing – “Hidden city flights”

You can apply the concept of “split ticketing” method in trains or buses to airline flights. The site offers this opportunity right after noticing that on some occasions, taking a connecting flight to your final destination costs way less than boarding a direct flight to the destination. This is known as “hidden city flights” although it also works mostly in the United States..

9. Check the prices of other airports in the area

Airports distance
Inside London Airports Illustration

Sometimes, a city can have more than one airport. What is quite interesting is that the prices of flights can differ from one airport to another. Even in instances where the distance between the different airports is only one kilometer…
This is not understandable, but this discrepancy exists.

10. Leave one day before the end of the week

Wednesday is the middle of the workweek and a lot of people want to vacation on weekends, which means the rest of the weekdays are less traveled. This lack of traveling lowers the price.
You can try this and see how the price is lower when you leave on Wednesday.

11. Check for deals on the social networks

Some airlines advertise special sales to fans on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks.
This is a quick and inexpensive way to appeal to a large audience and achieve immediate results.
Therefore, it is very good to follow the fan pages of the airlines and hope that they publish some hot offer on their wall that you can take advantage of.

12. Book a one-way flight ticket with different airlines

Sometimes, an airline manages to fill an airplane with a single flight destination but on some flights this is not possible. This fact naturally affects the price.
Therefore, check the possibility of ordering a one-way ticket with two separate airlines.

13. Search for deals in the morning

Many people who booked flights reported that airlines advertise lower prices early in the morning.

14. Fly out early

You do not have to book a flight that will leave during the requested hours! Sometimes, you can save a lot of money (5% – 20% the amount of the flight) by flying in the middle of the night. You can take advantage of the flight time to sleep and of course, saving money.

15. Sometimes a longer vacation is cheaper

Try adding a few days to your trip, the short trip is not always cheaper!

16. Book connecting flights

Connecting flights save you 10% – 30% of the original amount of the flight.

17. Search on the airline’s sites directly

Search the airline website directly, not through website agents or partners as this can help you find the best price.
Your bargaining is easier when you order directly through the airline because in this case it is not obliged to grant a certain commission to any intermediary..

18. Check if it’s cheaper to pay in other currencies

Prior to booking for any flight, check and see if paying in a different currency can get you a lower price. Usually, budget airlines will require that you book your flight in the currency of the country you are leaving, though this sometimes not the case.

Always remember at this point: Ensure that you utilize a credit card that charges no foreign transaction fees, or you will lose out on your aim of saving money and might end up spending more.

19. Search for airline error fares

Sometimes, airlines offer highly discounted flights and this results from errors made while advertising their booking fees. This error can be due to different reasons – wrong currency conversions, human errors or technical malfunctions glitches. In case you know where to discover airline error rates, this can save you a couple of dollars on flights.

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20. Use flight points as much you can

Many airlines use points for their frequent flyers, but many people who have booked flights forget and do not use them.
Too bad, every point is worth money, so don’t be a sucker.

21. Buy flight tickets from people who have canceled

There are quite a few people who made a reservation but were forced to cancel it for certain reasons. Take advantage of this and locate them in order to purchase their ticket for cheap.
You can find them on forums, social network groups, and classified ad sites.

22. Use mobile apps that show hidden flight deals

There are several applications that show the lowest prices that are sometimes difficult to believe.

23. Ask to be on the waiting list

A waiting list is a list of potential travelers who are waiting for someone who might have booked a flight but decided at the last minute to cancel for certain reasons.

The company has two options: fill in the blanks at a price significantly lower than the original price or alternatively be satisfied with the cancellation fees.This possibility of waiting involves waiting for someone who is spontaneous by nature and less for those who plan in advance, since there are likely to be few-to-no cancellations

24. Use the PROXY server
Proxy Server

Proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

How it relates to our interest?
All flight booking sites are international, i.e. from anywhere in the world you can log onto these websites and place an order.
But do you think the price someone would get when he navigates to the site from India would be the same as someone who navigated from the US?
Not sure to say the least.

So, go to a proxy site and browse the flight booking sites while hidden so the site does not recognize your real location.
In some cases, the prices will be different. Staff

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