Website traffic is one of the most common challenges facing business owners and entrepreneurs, This is understandable…

There are over 1 billion websites today, and all fighting for a potential visitor’s attention. This requires a high level of creativity and originality, to get your desired traffic. Despite their enormous potential, only a very few people have discovered the methods I teach here. With this article, you will be able to discover them here and now.

The important value you will read here:

This article is an attempt to give marketers and business owners several tips for action, in order to get traffic to their website or app for free. You’ll be surprised that free advertising, is much more effective than paid advertising.Why? Because it transmits reliability, seriousness, naturalness, and what’s more, it usually comes as a third-party recommendation, which further strengthens the site’s authority. So follow the recommendations below ,implement them and begin to produce results.

Before I start, you need to take note of the following points, which should be the foundation of every site:

Is your site niche interesting and gives a special value to visitors?
The site’s design clean?
Is it user-friendly?
Are there bugs?
Has someone who is not a friend or relative reviewed it?
Does your site loads fast?

If you think long-term, the most important thing is not only to get someone to visit your site, but to make him fall in love with your site and want to come back to it every time.
Have you passed this hurdle? Now it’s time to bump up your traffic:

1. Go to the libraries and drive traffic from there
Drive traffic from many computers
Visit the libraries, and change the computers home page there

Preferably when opening the library, go to any computer found there, change the home page on the browser, to your site home page. This step has great benefits not only due to the streaming of visitors but also because it is, first of all, a signal to search engines that the page is liked, appreciated and important for many. so that’s why it is assigned by the public, as the home page.

Moreover, in case you want to draw the attention of local search engines ranking to your site, it would bump up your ranking at the library area. The search engines detect the IP address of the computers and depending on the user’s location, so it presents the results.
Now Do the simple arithmetic: The library has 40 computers, for example, every day, 10 people get to use any of the computers and the library is open for 22 days a month, it means: 40X10X22 = 8800 visitors to your site, how much have you paid for it? Nothing!

2. Comment on YouTube
use youtube to Get website traffic
Youtube For Getting Website Traffic

Access YouTube and search for videos relevant to your industry (you may want to sort by a number of views). Leave nice and friendly comments there, give responses that would look completely natural with a link to your site URL.
For example: “Your video helped me a lot, good for you, I heard recommendations about http:/ what do you think? ”

It is important to understand that the great advantage is that YouTube links are live. On a single click, the visitor is delivered directly to your site.
Of course, do not forget to paste the full URL address, including the protocol HTTP/S, only then will the link be clickable.
Awesome, you have received a relevant link that will help you build links, and have also revealed your site and your business which would send you traffic directly from that link. The more links you have, the more the traffic.

To avoid getting blocked by YouTube, I would recommend that you do not spam with tons of comments in a short while. Instead, drip it. Comment using multiple Google accounts from several IP addresses using a number of accounts, will be better for this method.

3.Generate traffic from SOCIAL EXCHANGE platforms
Get traffic from social exchange sites
Get traffic from social exchange sites

By using These platforms, you can get many likes and shares to your URLS. In addition, they also offer WEBSITE HITS. The average site there gets 20-50 shares per day from different users, which is excellent. What you have to give in return for it is to Share or Like the other sites. The top three social exchnge sites are: Addmefast, Liikesplanet, and youlikehits; give it a try and you will not regret this moment.
>>Let’s checkout Addmefast now

4. Publish project on Freelance Websites with link to your site
 Get free traffic for free from freelance sites
Publish a project on freelance sites, everyone see!

Type “Freelance Websites” on Google. Click on major freelance sites, create and post a project. Of course, you don’t need to hire anyone, you can post simple project under the title: “Professional content writer for writing 50 articles” and put a link to your site in the Project Description box.
It is important for you to know that there are freelance sites with hundreds of thousands of freelancers’ accounts. Whenever projects are published there, the freelancers open each proposal and eagerly read what is written in it, and you can take advantage of this.

5. Offer your site “For Sale”
Get traffic flow from FLIPPA
Offer your site for sale (as if)

Go to; this is a trading arena for selling websites, and offer your site “for sale” Of course, I mean you obviously do not have to sell it, but add the listing and publish there. The visitors which are “potential buyers” will visit your site.
I hope I have been able to help you with something. In today’s virtual world, you must take unusual steps if you want to survive and succeed.
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